How To Organize and Combine Multiple Bookmarklets Together

Do you use multiple bookmarklets in your browser? I know that the answer to this query is positive because bookmarklets certainly add a great value to the browsing experience. However, as people say that each pro is associated with a con, adding several bookmarklets to your browser also has its own limitation.

Although there is no major con of adding multiple bookmarklets to your browser, yet there’s one drawback that nobody would like to have it. Just like the standard bookmarks, bookmarklets also tend to consume a lot of space when they expand your handy collection. This can be a great obstacle for adding more useful bookmarklets from the Web.

bookmarklet combiner

Now, such a limitation definitely calls for some kind of logical arrangement that saves space for future bookmarklets or bookmarks. So, how about creating a single bookmarklet and adding all the existing ones to it? Instead of using a special folder, it is more manageable to combine your bookmarklets into a single group. More precisely, you can create logical groups and add the existing bookmarklets to them. Well, if this sounds interesting to you, kindly continue reading!

There’s A Site Called Bookmarklet Combiner

Just visit this site, and you will get a quick idea of how you will be combing your bookmarklets for accessing them logically. When you first open this site, you will see three sections namely, Enter bookmarklets, Select how to combine them, and Name your new bookmarklet. At the end, you will see the Results section that will display your new bookmarklet. So, let’s take the advantage of this cool site for creating a single bookmarklet group for saving space on the Bookmarks toolbar. If you wish, you can create more bookmarklets groups.

Combining Multiple Bookmarklets

In the Enter bookmarklets section, you need to enter the name as well as the URL of each bookmarklet in each row respectively. You can enter the URL by just dragging the bookmarklet from the toolbar into the URL field. By default, there are three rows. So, if you wish to add more bookmarklets, just click the Add another button. Did you notice those up/down arrows at the end of the URL fields? Well, their presence indicates that you can change the order of bookmarklets, as all of them will appear in the order in which you add them here.

bookmarklet combiner

Now, in the Select how to combine them section, you can customize the behavior of your bookmarklets. I would recommend changing the Display a menu option via which you can specify the position of the new bookmarklet group as per your requirements. This position can be the top-left corner, bottom-left corner, top-right corner, bottom-right corner, and center. Next, do click the arrow button at the end to specify how the new bookmarklet menu displaying the added bookmarklets can be closed.

Lastly, you need to specify a relevant name for the new bookmarklet. For example, if you have bookmarklets related to mailing options such as GmailThis! and Encipher It, you can enter the name as Gmail. Once you specify a name, you are ready to use the new bookmarklet.

bookmarklet combiner in action

You will see that the new bookmarklet is created for you in the Results section, which you need to drag to the Bookmarks toolbar. And yes, do click the new bookmarklet to view a drop-down menu of the added bookmarklets. That’s it! You now use the same bookmarklets that are well organized for enjoying a spacious Bookmarks toolbar.

Note: You need to delete the individual bookmarklets from the toolbar after adding them to a new group.

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