How To Pause an iPad / iPhone App Install (to Let Another One Finish First)

Multitasking is an important part in today’s gadgets, be it desktop computers, laptops or even mobiles. Being able to carry out more than one operation at the same time has its advantages no doubt. Most importantly, it saves you a lot of time if you are using your gadgets more for professional reasons than just for playing games or listening to music.

Pause an iPad IPhone App

Possibilities of Your Device Hanging or Crashing

However, the same can go against you if you overload your device with lots of work just because it can handle it. After all, it is a machine and has its own limitations. So more often than not it is likely to crash. If you are connected to the Internet, then the chances of the device hanging or crashing increase.

Stopping our Device from Pausing

With limited use and allowing one application to run at a time, you can avoid the extra load on the gadget. At the same time, if you stop using the apps when you are installing the updates, even then the chances of pausing go down considerably. The more you use your iPad or iPhone with care, the better service will it give you.

Nevertheless, do you know one thing? At times, you need to pause certain processes for the other program to allow it to run without hanging. What we basically mean is that one installation process can be completely stopped until you are done with another one.

How To Pause an iPad / iPhone App Install (to Let Another One Finish First)

Pausing an Application Install

On most occasions, you need to pause the process when you are working with a cluster of apps at the same time. The problem can arise when you do not feel like waiting for each app to finish the update or installation process. Games especially have larger updates and it takes time for the update to install itself completely.

Pausing an Application Install

However, other smaller updates can be installed comparatively faster. Weather apps, cooking apps and many such consume less time and space.

paused application

If you are working with many updates at the same time, you can hit the icon of the app that you want to pause for a while. It would be wise to pause the smaller apps so that the entire energy of the phone is utilized to update the larger update. When you pause one update, the other one can continue to install normally.

Reversing the Order

You can reverse or alter the order in which the apps are getting installed on your iPhone. You may want the paused app to download first and wait for the other app to finish later. If you change your mind, you can alter the sequence as well. You can pause the running installation by hitting the icon and start the installation of the app that you have paused.

pausing any installing app

In this way, you can work with more than not one, not two, but even a bunch of apps at the same time. The power of pausing and restarting the installation of an app now gives you more options of handling the updates.

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