How To Pin An External Drive To The Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows 7 operating system allows you to access your external drive connected to your computer from the Taskbar. Following the steps given below will let you access the drive without any problems.

Add External Drive To Windows Explorer

Pin External Drive To Windows 7 Taskbar

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Initially, you might consider the GUI options such as dragging and dropping of external drive icon as is the case with any other icon. But, this solution will not work out because the icon gets added to Windows Explorer alone and not to the Taskbar.

Point your mouse on Windows Explorer icon to right-click it. Certain users would be able to manage with just this facility. But, adding external drive as an icon to the Taskbar is what’s needed.

Implement The Following Steps To Pin External Drive To Windows 7 Taskbar:

Select A New Text Document

Ways tO Pin Up External Drive To Windows 7 Taskbar

Click on the desktop screen anywhere. Now, right-click and hover the mouse pointer on New. You have to select “Text Document” option by clicking on it.

Name The File With .txt Extension

Save the document with the extension as .txt. Later, the extension has to be changed once you choose the appropriate drive.

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Change The Extension From .txt To .exe

Pin External Drive To Windows 7 Taskbar

After naming the file you want to save, the file name extension should be changed to .exe from .txt.

Select The File’s Pin To Desktop

Creating a dummy executable file allows you to add icon to the Taskbar. After right-clicking on the file, you need to choose the Pin to be included in the Taskbar.

Choose The Properties Of .exe File

The executable icon can now be viewed on the Taskbar. You have to right-click on it and later on the file name to choose Properties.

Change The Target Drive Name

Pin An External Drive With Windows 7 Taskbar

Locate the Shortcut tab under the Properties. Prefer the Target to be beginning with the drive letter and

Start In To The Drive Letter By Clicking OK.

Note: The same procedure has to be followed to include any folder to the Taskbar. The only aspect to be considered is directing the Target towards the correct drive location.

Additionally, there are other changes even that could be included for the icon. For instance, you can prefer to change the icon to another one that appears more relative to that of a hard drive icon. You can even prefer to make the icon appear as if the one not available with Windows 7.

After performing the above given steps, you should be able to access your external USB drive from the Taskbar itself. It appears as if you are accessing any local drive. All you have to do is to just click on it once and the information could be viewed.

If you would like to redirect the drive to any particular folder, then you can perform it with ease. Changing the Target path will let you avail this feature successfully. Clicking on the icon after making the change will allow you to access the corresponding directory or folder of your choice. The above steps will enable one to pin an external drive to a Windows 7 taskbar.