How to Play FLAC Files in Windows 7 Media Center & Player

Music lovers who use FLAC format aren’t very happy about the no-support scenario that exists currently for WMC or WMP.
If you are one of such music lovers who like to enjoy their music on FLAC format, then here’s help for you. In this article we will discuss the ways we can troubleshoot your technical problems on Windows 7 Media Center and Player.

For example sake we will use the Windows 7 Home Premium for troubleshooting.


The first step is to download madFLAC version 1.8 on your system and then install it. The installation is easy; click on the madFLAC decoder link. The file zipped so unzip it before running the installation. Once the installation is complete, you will get a pop-up message. Click on OK.

direct show filter

Before you proceed further, check whether everything is working fine or not. Go to any of the FLAC files that run on WMP. Open the FLAC file. You will receive a message. Now click the “Don’t ask me again” box and check the YES tab.

dont ask me button

If all goes well, the Media Player will play the track selected by you.

play the track

How can I delete the present music library and create a new one?

In this section you will learn how to transfer your tracks in the FLAC files to the Music Library. In case you have set it as the default music player, then you will have to first delete the present library in use and then remove the database completely. It is suggested that you use WMP 12 to take care of all your music needs in Windows 7.

If you don’t want to remove the songs from your machine then open WMP. Do “Alt+T” to go to the Tools section. From the

Tools Go to Options and then Library

Once this has been done, go to the ‘Delete Files from computer When Deleted’ section and uncheck the box next to it. Click OK.

Now return to the Music Library and click “Ctrl+A”. This will select all the songs in the Library. Press the Delete button on your keyboard.

 How to delete the present database?

Once all the songs from the Music Library have been deleted, you will require a fresh slate to begin from. Check out of the Media Player and repeat the procedures that you would do for troubleshooting the WMP Library.
Go to Start – Search tab and key in services.msc – Enter.

When you hit Enter, you will receive a drop down menu. From the menu select Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service and close it so it doesn’t run anymore.

Next, go to the below given directory. This will help remove the present database on your machine.
%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player\

The file that will be deleted is the CurrentDatabase_372.wmdb. However, you can delete all the files in the folder if you wish to once you have created their backups.

You can start including FLAC files to WMP after re-starting the latter. But you may not want to include all files in WMP (which it will do by default). You can prevent this from happening by removing all the other entries from the Library.