How To Play Games on Google Plus

Farmville, the most popular online game of Facebook has already seen millions of players, and now Google Plus has also stepped in this world of online games to draw more users. It has launched 15 games, and they are available in this site past couple of weeks.

Hi-tech graphics and multimedia presentation of these games loaded with fun and excitement are ready to conquer the world of social networking. The users will find enough reasons to spend long hours in Google Plus playing these games with those interested. The games also include the “City of Wonder”, one of the popular games of Facebook.

What Games To play?

Many popular game publishers like Zynga, Kabam, Rovio, Wooga, PopCap, EA Game, Playdom, Digital Chocolate, GameHouse and Funzio have tied up with Google Plus with their popular games like AngryBird and Mafia Wars being available in this site. Zynga Texas Hold’em Poker and City Ville are expected to join the games stream of Google Plus soon.

Managing Games Notification

Google Plus enables the users a better control in managing games notifications, invites and requests. Unsolicited games notifications and invitations can be extremely irritating for those not at all interested in online games of the social networking sites. In Facebook, the users can view such notifications of their friends and contacts as they show up by default.

In Google Plus, the scores of the users, notifications and invitations can be displayed only among the interested members selected in the circles. Other uninterested friends will be spared from viewing the scores and other information related to these games. Every user will have the choice to add interested persons in their respective circles and share the excitement. The user can also display his scores and level of achievements to the public to attract more players in his circle.

How To Play Games On Google Plus

Playing games in Google Plus is very simple compared to the popular Facebook games. This does not reduce the thrill, but is more user friendly and time saving. The following tutorial will guide you to play games in Google Plus.

Firstly, you need an account in the Google Plus site. Log into your Google Plus account and you will find the “Games” icon placed at the right hand side of the top bar beside the “Circles” icon. Other icons like Home, Photos and Profile are also displayed in the bar.

Click on the “Games” icon and you will be directed to a new page. Find the list at the left hand side below your profile picture showing Featured Games, Games Notifications and Recently Played.

Click on the “Featured Games” and a list of games icon depicting different games will appear. Click any game of your choice and Google Plus will send a request for permission to view your basic information and circles. Click “Allow” and wait until the game loads for you. Check the speed of your net connection to enjoy the games otherwise a slow speed net connection may test your patience. After playing, the games will be displayed under the “Recently Played” category in the games page.