How To Post To Facebook From Within Google+ Automatically?

Have you become an ardent Google+ user? Despite this, I am sure that you must have not left using Facebook. Perhaps, most of the Google+ users today already have Facebook accounts on which they used to rely heavily for sharing and updating posts before the advent of this next generation social network.

However, the current scenario is that the users love to use both Facebook and Google+ as effective sharing platforms. This is due to the fact that they do not want to lose their Facebook friends; but at the same time, they do not want to lag behind in trying this new social service. This gives rise to the need of sharing posts of Google+ on Facebook.

Copy Paste Is Cumbersome!

While adding all Facebook friends to the Circles of Google+ is a quick manual task despite the Facebook efforts to curb it, posting updates from Google+ to Facebook manually is actually a tedious and time consuming effort. This is because such an exchange between Google+ and Facebook is possible via the traditional copy paste method, which is a painful task for the impatient users.

Irrespective of what is to be shared, this is the only method that the Google+ users have to follow to keep updating their Facebook friends who have yet not joined Google+. So, now the probe is with regards to a faster method of sharing posts of Google+ in Facebook.

The Fascinating Probe Results

The good news is that you can automatically post from Google+ to Facebook via a few steps in Facebook and Google+. This is actually a seamless way to sync the updates of Google+ with your Facebook account. Further, you need not have to install any third party application or a browser plug-in for the same.

In general, Facebook facilitates its mobile users to upload their updates such as status and photos with the help of a secret e-mail ID. Now, it is this secret e-mail ID that can aid you in sending your Google+ post in form of status update to Facebook. This is possible despite the fact that Facebook had introduced this feature only with the intention of facilitating their mobile users to upload their updates. Nevertheless, this is the easiest way to update your Google+ posts on Facebook. Here are the steps to do so.

1. Navigate to the URL,

2. Log on to your account.

3. Scroll down to spot the Upload via Email section.

4. Under the Upload via Email section, locate your unique email address. This is the secret e-mail address via which you can upload photos and post status updates to your profile on Facebook without actually opening it. As a tip, do not share this e-mail address with anyone.

5. Copy this email ID.

6. Go to Google+ Circles.

7. Create a new circle with a suitable name such as Facebook.

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8. Click Add a new person.

9. Paste the e-mail ID and save it with a desired name.

Now, when you update your Google+ status, simply add this circle in the Sharing Options field. Finally, your Facebook wall will automatically receive the updated status.

Moreover, it will take time for the post to appear on your wall. This is because Google+ will send a mail to your secret email address that you must first authenticate. Although the posts appear in both the social networks, people have complained of the limit of 40 characters and no link posting.