How To Prepare Your MAC For OS X Lion

Apple is the brand that keeps offering us with great new gadgets and programs that can change our digital world. From computing to listening music, Apple has produced one after another enhancing experience. It has been a while since the name MAC OS X Loin has been in the market and finally few days ago they finally launched their new operating system.

MAC OS X Lion is the new sensation among Apple users and already they are on the process of installing and using it. This version of operating system is equipped with all new technologies and keeping all the Apple’s promises. Then again, it is not a surprise that it turned out to be great as Apple always has this habit of improving and breaking new dimensions with their every new launch. Now the important point, with every new OS, come new procedures and they require making your base ready for it. Let me show how to prepare your MAC for OS X Lion.

Outlining The OS X Lion

This version of Apple OS is a greatly upgraded version of Apple OS X. This new OS comes with huge changes of the OS and I can assure you all the changes will only make your usage better once you get familiar with them. It has launchpad, awesome gesture support and full screen applications. The range of application it comes with is unbelievable and all of them are cool just like everything else from Apple. The OS X Lion comes with 250 great applications that will change the way you used to operate a MAC OS.

Now ask yourself if you are ready for the action. Is it ok for you when your friends will discuss about OS X Lion and all the great features of it in front of you when you will be sitting in silence? If you are not ok with it then get ready with your MAC and the OS X Lion DVD. You have work to do now because it will take your some time to make your MAC ready for the OS. This operating system is new and it has features that none of the previous versions had so in order to use it, you must get some work done with your machine.

Before you start with it, you must know how to do all the work systematically so that you can have a hazard free experience with OS X Lion. I am listing the most important changes that you must bring to your MAC for making it ready for this mind blowing, amazingly featured, OS X Lion. Read these instructions carefully and understand the points before you start installing the OS.

Upgrading Your System And Applications

Before you upgrade your OS to Lion, you must upgrade your OS software upgrades. Make a list of all your devices and programs and then see if they need any updating. Now, before you upgrade to Lion you must upgrade your current OS to Mac OS X 10.6.8. This is a must update for Lion to be installed on your MAC. It does not take much time to upgrade your system as it is a simple process. First start the Software Update application from the menu and install every required and available updates. Update all of your system and every Apple applications. Now start every application that you mostly use and look if they have any required updates. If yes then do that too. Go to the MAC App Store and find the update button on the toolbar. Click that button and you will be able to find every possible updates there. Remember the OS X Lion needs everything upgraded to work properly.

Disk Space

The OS X Lion is almost 4GB in size. If you are a computer user then you must be knowing that an OS requires as much free space as possible. Lion can work best if you have at least 10GB of free disk space for it. There are many software programs available which can clear disk space for you. If you don’t have any then you can download one from any trusted download site. These software programs will show you which files and folders are eating up most of your disk space. First find out which files or programs you no longer use and delete them, the once that you may need but are taking too much disk space can be put in the Dropbox.

Application Compatibilities

Lion is a much upgraded version than all the old operating systems. You must be using many applications on your current OS that may not work on Lion. Knowing which applications are compatible is not tough at all. All the companies have posted online lists of their applications to let you know if they will work on Lion. There are websites online which publish a long list of MAC applications with the details. You can easily find them and mach them with your application versions. Most of them offer your fixes that can easily turn your applications OS X Lion friendly and you will be able to use them without any problem then.

You Can’t Use PowerPC Applications Anymore

People who like to use PowerPC applications can be a little disappointed with this news. Rosetta is a software program that used to make PowerPC run in your new MAC OSs but from OS X Lion, Apple is not going to support Rosetta again. There are many other applications that can replace PowerPC. Find one of them and get used to it. I can assure you, this is a very small price you would be paying for what you are going to have now. There is another thing you can do though. Keep another hard drive with your older OS. You can use that when you need PowerPC.

Take Backups

You are just a step away from installing OS X Lion now. You must start to take backups now if you don’t want to loose something valuable. Remember one thing, taking backups is a time consuming work but it is something that you should not miss. There are many software programs available which can make the job easy for you.