Help Prevent Carpal Tunnel Problems with Workrave

In today’s age of computers and internet, it would not be difficult to find computer or internet addicts. It is a nice feeling surfing on the net or chatting with your friends for hours together. However, time flies by and one hardly cares for how long a session it has been.

The Hazards of Working Long Hours

Whatever be the reason of your long session – leisure or work, it is not good for your overall health. Health related problems are likely to arise sooner than later, aggravating the Carpal Tunnel problem is one of them. However, with Workrave on your side, you should not worry about it at all.

What is Workrave

Workrave is your aide in determining your schedule. If you use the computer too much, it will remind you that it is time to take a break or even a short pause. If you use the machine for longer times, it will still make sure that you take longer breaks, as your working hours are longer at a stretch.

Installing Workrave

Workrave works excellently with Windows. Download the software and install with its default settings. However, there is one step that you may like to change and it is the startup.

workrave setup

When installed, Workrave will run on its own whenever you start the computer. If you are not happy with this, all you need to do is just uncheck the option during installation. When the setup finishes, Workrave will be available to be run from the installer.

select additional tasks

Installing Workrave in Ubuntu

Workrave is also available through Ubuntu. Another option for the installation is to install Workrave straight from the Ubuntu Software Center. Follow these steps: Click “Applications” and select “Ubuntu Software Center”.

Install Workrave in Ubuntu

Key in “workrave” in the search box. The search box is located at the right top corner. Once found, click the result to proceed.

search workrave

This page will give you the much-needed information about what Workrave is all about. You can read the information or proceed to install the software on your machine.

At this stage, you will be prompted to enter the password.

authenticate password

Workrave will start the download and install itself on the system. You will come back to the “Applications” menu where you will find “Workrave” under “Universal Access”.

workspace installed

Using Workrave in your Daily Routine

Once the installation process and other formalities are completed, you are all set to use Workrave. A small counter will be displayed by the system which shows that the installation is finished correctly.

work rave installed

It shows three timings – a micro break (usually of 30 seconds), rest break (usually of 10 minutes) and finally the period your machine has been used for that day.

micro break

Alerts from Workrave

When it is time for the micro break, a popup will appear giving you the reminder. If you still continue working, it will disappear. In case you respond positively and stop the work, it will freeze the activities for the specified time. However, the hourly break is important as it gives you various eye exercises that will take the strain off your eyes.

Workrave preferences

You can set your own timings from the “Preferences” option.