How To Preview and Verify URLs in Internet Explorer 8

Many times one would like to see the preview of a website along with the short URLs and the texts. Internet 8 gives you the option of checking out a brief summary of the website without opening the links. The web browser has a built-in Preview software as well as a “Launch URL” tab that allows you to open the webpage if you like what you read.

preview and launch url

How to Preview and Initiate the URL in Internet 8?

Including the accelerator is a simple job. Go to the ADD tab given under Internet Explorer. Click on the tab that asks for confirmation to begin the installation. Once the installation of the accelerator is complete, you will not be required to re-start your system.

For the sake of simplicity, we will use two examples. The first example has a normal link that is formatted. Begin by right-clicking. This will give you a drop down menu. In this menu you will find the ‘All Accelerators’ option. Select the Preview and Launch URL tab.

preview and launch url

If you hover over the tab using your mouse, you will receive a thumbnail of the preview. The preview will show you the URL as well as the page. To open the page, simply click on the listings. You can access the webpage in a different window.

preview and launch url thumbnail

For the second example we will use a URL that only contains text and no image.

The first step is to highlight the URL. Now follow the same steps as above to allow preview of the URL. You will be required to go through a number of links for this. When you open the listings you will also open the text for the URL though in a different window.
It doesn’t matter whether the URLs are long or short. The accelerator does not differentiate between the two and works just as well with short URLs also.

Do a right click on the URL. This will take you to the Preview option as well as the list for accelerator. However, there will be one difference now; the machine will prompt you to expand the short URL. Right click on the URL that appears in the preview window. This will expand the URL and also give you a peek at the preview.

Note: at this stage you will find that the complete URL that otherwise appears after the short URL, is now visible in the preview.
When you click the accelerator listings you will see that they work almost like the other links do.

Sometimes you may receive a message when you try to get a link preview. Don’t let this annoy you; drag the mouse to the main context menu and hover over it for a few seconds. Move back to the accelerator link. The message would be gone and you would have your preview.


The Preview and Launch URL accelerator is an excellent tool for viewing a website that exists beyond the links. The tool is especially beneficial for checking out the short URLs that are otherwise difficult to preview.