How To Preview Links and Images in Google Chrome

We all use search engines like Bing and Google so that we can obtain the desired information related to different niches on the Internet. Most of us rely on the first 10 to 15 links displayed on the search result pages to get the desired information.

Until we obtain what we desire, we keep on clicking each link turn by turn on the search result page. However, what if you can escape clicking each link and still get the desired information more quickly? A simple solution to this is to preview the link in the browser itself before you actually open it in a new tab. This will aid you in deciding whether the given URL is useful for you or not.

ezlink preview google extension

Well, Google Chrome is famous for increasing one’s productivity and keeping this in mind, it is out with one more efficient extension called ezLinkPreview that enables you to preview the URLs and even images in the browser itself.

If you have ever taken the advantage of the CoolPreviews extension in Mozilla Firefox, you can really imagine the power of this extension. However, even if you have not used this Firefox extension, there is nothing to be let yourself down. Here’s how to obtain and put the ezLinkPreview in action.

Getting The ezLinkPreview Extension

First, close all your existing tabs in Chrome and open the URL, On this Web page, click ADD TO CHROME. This will open the Confirm Installation dialog box wherein the Install button is for you to click to proceed further.

ezlink preview

In some seconds, you will see that red-colored split panel icon with EZ on the toolbar along with a message and a new tab that displays information about the extension versions. That’s it! You are now all set to use the extension.

Using The ezLinkPreview Extension

Just perform a search in Google and hover your mouse on the desired link displayed on the first search result page. This will display a small preview button with the EZ letters on it. Now, just click this button and you will see that a resizable, draggable popup is displayed with the actual view of the link to make you decide whether the link is worth visiting.

using ezlink preview

The benefit of this mechanism is that you will be able to review the URL via its preview on the same search result page. This means you now no longer have to open the URL in the new tab, review it, close it, come back to the search result page, and click the next URL to get the desired information.

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Take a closer look of the popup window. Atop, you can view the URL for the webpage along with some great buttons via which you can send the preview to Bookmarks, Reader, and ViewText; minimize the window; pin to keep overlay open; open a new tab; and close the window.

buttons in ezlink preview

You can even resize the window as per your needs (you can actually grab any of the four corners for this). The best part is that you can navigate the site from within this popup window by clicking the links within it and using the Back and Forward buttons atop. So, happy previewing!

Warning: Extension does not work on sites that are created using the frame buster code.