How To Print Files From Anywhere via Any Device With Dropbox

Dropbox, as many of you may be aware of, is a file sharing protocol which is used by millions across the globe to send or share files with their friends, relatives and clients. But many of you may not be aware that dropbox may be used as a virtual printer. Here is how it works.

How To Print Files From Anywhere via Any Device With Dropbox

Dropbox As a Virtual Printer

Dropbox helps in syncing files between the various computers that you have thereby providing access to the files through any of your computers at any time. But the files that are stored in Dropbox are in electronic form.

Print Files From Anywhere via Any Device With Dropbox

At many times, we may need hard copies of various documents but we may not have a ready to print printer connected to our computer. In such situations, the file to be printed that is stored with Dropbox and is synced with your other computers may be printed in another computer which has the ready to print printer. Let us see in detail how this is possible.

Printing from Dropbox

First, download the free VBS application from the following link – This application helps in printing files that you have saved in dropbox from any of your computers that have been synced. Download the above VBS application and extract the application by name – eprint.vbs.

Setup Automatic Printing From Dropbox

Run the eprint.vbs application. Now, a print queue folder will be created within the dropbox folder. Now you are all set to print the files. The files that you need to print may be moved into the print queue folder and it will automatically get printed on the default printer that you have setup on your computer.

PrintQueue folder

After the file is printed, the file is moved from the print queue folder into the print log folder. In case you have accidently moved a file into the print queue folder, you may retrieve it from the print log folder after it is printed.

PrintQueue to the log subfolder

Once installed the print queue folder will automatically show up in all your computers or other devices synced with dropbox. But you will be able to print only from the computer in which the VBS application has been installed.

eprint.vbs file to your Startup folder

Printing From The Program Directly

You also have the option to print directly from the primary computer. Simply save the files that you would like to print in a separate folder and using the save as option save a copy of the file in the print folder and the file will automatically get printed.

Printing Directly From a Program

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Printing From a Mobile Phone

Download and install the dropbox application for your mobile phone. Just save the files into the print queue folder in the dropbox application.

Printing From a Mobile Phone

Access the drop box folder from the main computer in which you have setup the printing facility and print the files that you had saved in the print queue folder from your mobile. In case for some reason, the mobile specific application fails to assimilate with the dropbox app in your mobile phone, using the internet browser, search for habilis, the email to dropbox gateway.

habilis link

From the habilis webpage click on the link – connect to dropbox to email the files to print to the dropbox folder. Now logon to your drop box account and you will find a notification asking if to allow Habilis to connect to dropbox. Click the tab – Allow.

habilis app connect

Now, Habilis will be linked to your dropbox account. Now from the habilis website, obtain your email address and use this to email files. The files that you send to this email address will be automatically saved in the Habilis folder in dropbox. To print, simply move the files to the print queue folder and the files will be printed then and there.