How to Quickly Create New Google Documents with a Shortcut or Hotkey

For anyone who uses a computer must be aware about the various types of documents he or she can make. One can make documents in Microsoft and Google.

These documents are very useful in carefully assembling all our work. They play a very important role in managing everything that we do on a daily basis in our professional lives. Hence preparing them also is a big task.

How to Quickly Create New Google Documents with a Shortcut or Hotkey

For anyone who was earlier a Microsoft doc’s user, would surely find it difficult to get his hands on Google docs. Just like Microsoft, even Google came up with its own range of documents that can be used. So, if you too are wondering how to quickly create new Google documents with a shortcut or a hotkey, then simply follow the below mentioned points.

Creating a New Windows Shortcut

Now right click and select the new tab on your desktop. This will help you in further clicking on the shortcut tab. So, it will create a new shortcut for you on the desktop.

Create a Windows Shortcut

Develop a New Document

This is a major step and must be followed carefully.  Now you would want to paste in the complete URL for launching a brand new document in the presentations excel spreadsheets or the paperwork and then you can provide with an appropriate title for the newly formed doc. For anyone, who is using the normal Google paperwork will be required to follow the below mentioned URL’s.


For Google Applications Users

People who use the Google application, they cannot follow the above mentioned links. Below are the links which can be used by the users in order to make changes in their domains.

Also ensure that you have created all the shortcuts in the correct manner and named them accordingly. This will help you immensely in adding some new and nice icons. Hence, emphasize upon naming them in the right manner.

Allocate an apt Icon and a Hotkey

Start with right clicking on the shortcut tab and then click on the properties tab which will be seen in the menu. Now click on the “web document’ button to take a step further.

Assign an Appropriate Icon

Now this will give you the freedom of customizing the shortcut key to anything that you like. Also assign a new icon to the newly created shortcut key.

Point To Be Noted

One important point is that these shortcut keys work only when they are stored either on the desktop or in the start menu. Hotkeys do not work anywhere else on the computer. Hence, keep this point in mind while saving.

Therefore, this is a sure shot procedure to help you creating a shortcut to your Google docs. Creating such shortcuts for important documents is helpful for the users as it gives them easy accessibility. The above mentioned procedure is barely a 2 minute task. Anyone who reads along the given points carefully will definitely be able to get his or her hands on it quickly.