How To Read Webcomics Offline In A Comic Book Reader

Are you a crazy aficionado of reading webcomics? So, how many times have you visited for reading your favorite and latest comics? I am sure that it must be a huge number! Well, you now no longer have to visit your webcomics sites or stick to your browser for reading your most favorite stories.

You will be excited to know that you can now view and read your webcomics on your PC, iPad, or mobile phone without connecting to the World Wide Web. It is just a matter of following a simple tweak via which you can convert a majority of your online webcomics into Comic Book Reader (cbr) files so that you can store and read them on your tablet or mobile phone. Want to know how? Here we go!

How To Read Webcomics Offline In A Comic Book Reader

Look For A Webcomic That Has Sequentially Numbered Pages/Images – This Is A Must!

In order to make a webcomic readable on your portable device or PC, it is vital to download it. However, this download demands one criterion – sequentially numbered images. Yes, your webcomic must have numbered images. So, how do you identify this?


Well, for that, you first have to find out how images are numbered. If your browser is Chrome, you can just find that out by right clicking the image on the page and selecting the Open image in new tab page; while Firefox offers you the View Image option in its contextual menu.

open webcomics in google chrome

When the image loads itself in the browser’s new tab (Chrome) or in the browser’s same tab (Firefox), check out the Address bar that will show the page number of the image in case it is numbered. If this is what you see, you can easily download the webcomic in just a few minutes for viewing it offline. Wait! This download is not the usual one; it’s a bit different!

Download The Webcomic Via The Pilfer Add-on

Pilfer refers to an add-on that enables you to download the numbered images. Fortunately, the add-on is available for both Firefox and Chrome. All you have to do is just add it to your respective browser.

pilfer addon

After installing Pilfer, restart your browser and start the download procedure by right clicking the image, selecting Pilfer, and choosing the Range that specifies the number of images you want to download. For example, you can select Range --> + --> 100 if you need 1 – 100 images.

pilfer range

Pilfer now looks for those episodes and generates an HTML page wherein you can see all the images.

all webcomics in one html page

Finally, you will have to save the page by right clicking on it and selecting Save as. Ensure that you create a new folder on your hard disk drive and name it with the most appropriate name that can be the webcomic’s name.

saving pilfer page

And yes, before I forget, do not change the Save as type from Web Page, Complete to anything else, as this option is required to download all the images properly.

saving pilfer as web page

Note: Chrome will save all the images/pages in a sub folder. Depending upon the webcomic, you might need to download some images manually or let Pilfer download them for you by restarting it.

Converting The Pilfered Images Into CBR File

This is the last step that is easy to perform. To generate a comic book reader file, you need to create a RAR file of your downloaded images by using WinRAR in case the OS is Windows. It is just like zipping the files by select all images and sending them to zip at once.

converting rar file into cbr file

Once you see the .rar file ready, change the extension to CBR (Comic Book Reader). Finally, say Yes to the warning.

warning to change file

That’s it! Now, just open your comic book reader such as Comical to view the webcomic offline.