How To Receive Your Android Phone’s Alerts on Your Desktop Computer

Amidst work, frequently eyeing the phone to check for text messages, alerts and calls can be tiresome. If you spend more than half the day on the computer, using an Android desktop notifier is the best solution.

It allows android phone users to check for notifications, messages, phone battery life and other updates right on their desktop. This mean that you do not need to take a break searching for your phone to look for updates.

At times, people tend to forget their phones at home while going to work. If you install the Android notifier application, you can continue to monitor the phone calls even when you are away from the device. This means, there is no restriction of connecting the phone with a computer on the same network, Bluetooth or wireless network. What’s more, both the components are free to download and easy to install.

Android Notifier Installation

You need to install two components or applications- one that is the notifier for the computer and another remote application for the Android phone. Both these components are easy to install and free.

You can easily download the desktop Android notifier online. Find one that is compatible with your computer’s operating system.

Customizing Alerts on Notifier App

After the installation is complete, you can view the Android notifier icon on the taskbar of your computer screen. Right click on the application and select preferences. Here, you can customize all alerts and notifications which you want to see or hide on the desktop.

It is interesting to note that this Android notification app allows users to push all the notifications and run the app on various computers. You can have different custom settings for each computer. The notification app also shows the battery state, volume and pop up alerts in time.

Configuring the Android Desktop Application

The Android Notifier application sends notifications and alerts to the desktop computer via Bluetooth, wireless network or both. You can also organize Android Notifier app to work with multiple devices. Once configured, it will send test alert notification to the device you wish to get the phone alerts. You may also configure the notifier application to start when you boot the computer or set it on a private mode.

The Linux support will also launch soon. Users can manually start, pause or stop the notifications when the phone is working. Moreover, you can also choose the icons for display or hide them. It is easy to add the IP address to get the phone alerts via Wi-Fi. The Android notifier application offers auto-enabling of Wi-Fi as well as the Wi-Fi sleep policy.

You need not compromise on security too. Android desktop notifier application allows users to encrypt and decrypt messages using passphrases. It is quite simple to install and use the Android Notifier application. You can also forward the port configuration to check messages and calls even when you are away from the phone. Hence, download the free application and be in touch with your friends and family while at work but with least disturbance.