How To Record Screen Activity with CamStudio

CamStudio can serve many purposes. It helps create video demos for your professional as well as personal use. CamStudio is not renowned for giving best quality videos, but it is available for free and gives reasonably good results. 

recording screen activity with camstudio

How to Use CamStudio?

To set up your CamStudio you should first install two different files. The first file contains the main program and the second file has the codec. Only after this installation can you begin setting up the CamStudio.

You will see a very small window when you begin setting up the program. There will be a highlighted text that reads ‘Record to’.

This text provides the visual indication for the kind of video that you have selected for recording purposes.
Quickly check the settings before you begin making the video. First check the setting for the area or the location where you would like to record your video.

region for recording in camstudio

Now go through the video options that are available to you. The video options are important as these will be responsible for the overall quality (including size and picture clarity) of the video.

cam studio video options

The quality setting is 70 by default. This level can be adjusted according to your needs. Some people prefer to use the maximum quality setting in order to produce the best quality video files.

camstudio video options

In some machines Microsoft Video 1 is used as the default compressor. However, there are plenty of options available as well.


The settings for the compressor should be adjusted as per your needs and suitability. Every compressor has its own exclusive features so you will have to be very careful when you make changes in the configurations.

In this article we will use the Lossless Codec CamStudio. The CamStudio has proven to have the best software.

Lossless Codec CamStudio

Go back to the main window and start toggling between .avi and .swf outputs by making use of the last tab. check the red button for recording once you the adjustments have been made to your satisfaction.

cam studio record

You can also pause while recording or stop recording completely by clicking on the icon for system tray. Once the recording is over, save the file in an appropriate location by giving it a new and recognizable name. The movie player window will self start the new video for your viewing.

pause recording

Many people prefer to record and save the file as .swf. In this case the whole procedure will be similar to recording of an .avi format. Once the movie player window opens you will see the .avi format changing into .swf format.


Once the conversion process gets over you will get a new flash video along with an appropriate html file.

You may encounter minor hiccups when you set the new .swf file for preview. This could be because of the default browser that you are using. The generated html file contains a minor bug that can be fixed. Alternatively, the .swf file can be straightaway opened in your preferred browser.

open the flash file in thr browser


CamStudio is recommended if you cannot stretch your budget or need to make videos for personal use only.