How To Recover Files From A DVD RW

A DVD RW is a rewritable optical disk. It‘s advantage over the DVD-R is that you can erase all files and rewrite them again. It has a storage capacity of about 4.7GB and can be used to store photos, music, files and videos. It is easy to recover files from a DVD RW.

In order to recover files from a DVD RW follow these simple steps listed below.

Initializing the Recovery

The first thing that you need to do is insert the DVD RW in one of the drives on your computer. You will immediately find a box popping up on your screen. The box will ask you what you wish to do with the disk. Saving files, opening folders, ripping off files, rewriting files are things that you should be able to do. Now you click on the icon which allows you to open the folder that contains all the files.

At this junction anything might happen-either you will be able to view the files or play it because your computer supports this particular file type on the DVD RW or else you will be able to view the files inside ‘My Computer’. If you want to play any file you have to be inside that folder.

Playing The Files

If you want to play any file you simply have to click on that file and your computer will play it for you. And if you want the files to be saved on your computer you have to right click on the files which you want to save and click on ‘Copy’. Then paste the file on which ever folder you want it.

You can locate a particular folder on your computer easily. For instance, you can access the ‘videos’ folder by clicking on ‘My Documents’ and then on ‘My Videos’. Once you go inside the folder you can paste the file that you copied. This can be accomplished by holding down the ‘Control’ button and then pressing ‘V’.

Renaming Files

Now in order to rename your files you can right click on each of the files and then rename them by selecting the option for ‘Rename’. Now select a name that is easy for you to remember but at the same time it should not be the same as any other file on your computer.

Recovery of Data From DVD RW in Other Ways

You may approach professional service providers in order to recover files from DVD RW , from where files had been accidentally deleted. There are several service providers which enable files to be recovered from DVD RW. Bad blocks or sectors may often corrupt the data contained in CDs, DVDs and DVD RWs.

In these cases it becomes important to recover all your files, images, lost data, etc. Hiring data recovery services is the best option for you. It guarantees the recovery of all your data. Using any data recovery software is not advocated by many as it is said to make the problem worse. Have your media handled by professionals.