How To Remove A Video Driver In Vista

Uninstalling video driver from any Windows isn’t a complex process but needs to be performed accurately to successfully complete the un-installation. Many times we end up removing the device as well as the driver from the system when all we wanted to do was remove either of the two.

Let us look at the steps in which to uninstall a video driver or a device driver from Windows Vista. The same steps can also be used to remove video driver from Windows 7 as well.Before you begin un-installation of the video drive you must be logged in as an administrator in the network. This will give you the admin rights to uninstall any software from the system.

Ways To Remove Video Driver From Windows Vista:

Using Programs And Features

Go to the CONTROL PANEL (it is there in the Classic View-Vista)

Click on the icon that says PROGRAMS AND FEATURES

Check if the video driver is listed under Programs and Features – if it is there in the list then simply click on the UNSTILL button and then on YES button to affirm.

However, if the video driver isn’t listed then go to DEVICE MANAGER. We will discuss this method in detail in Option 2.
Using the Programs and Features method will only remove the video driver software. This will not help in the removal of the video from the Device Manager. Hence this option is best suited for any future installation of another device driver model for the drive.While using this method you will get a prompt to restart the computer. Restarting the computer will help complete the un-installation process. So, click on YES when the computer asks you to restart.

If you wish to uninstall only the device then uncheck the DELETE THE DRIVER SOFTWARE FOR THIS DEVICE box. In case this box option isn’t there, then only the device will be uninstalled and not the driver. If you have this box, then click on OK and restart the computer to successfully finish uninstalling the driver.

To uninstall both the Device and the Device Driver check the DELETE THE DRIVER SOFTWARE FOR THIS DEVICE box. Again, if this option isn’t there then the software will delete only the device and not the driver. Click on OK and restart the computer in order to complete the uninstalling process.

Using Device Manager

The Device Manager is located in the CONTROL PANEL. Once you have located it open the Control Panel, click on Device Manager icon. You will receive a UAC prompt to click on CONTINUE icon. Continue with the step and you will come to a +sign. This sign is located next to the video drive that you want to uninstall. Clicking on the sign will help you expand the device to be uninstalled. You will get a box of lists. In the list click on the UNINSTALL icon and then on OK. This will remove the video drive from your Vista.Your computer might prompt you to re-start the computer. So click on Yes button to complete the un-installation of the video drive.

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