How To Remove Hyperlinks In Word

Although hyperlinks play a vital role in Word documents, sometimes, you might want to remove them. For example, when you come to know that clicking a link in the document is hanging MS Word due to some problem, you will surely like to remove all the links until the issue gets fixed.

Furthermore, when you copy content from a Web page into Word, it might be very irritating for you to see those unwanted hyperlinks. Well, there is no need to get irritated, as MS Word offers different ways to remove hyperlinks. So, are you keen to know them? Okay, here we go!

remove hyperlinking in word

Exposing The Hidden Shortcuts – For A Keyboard Ninja

Did you know that there is a keyboard shortcut to remove hyperlinks in Word? Well, there are actually two keyboard shortcuts namely, Ctrl + A and Ctrl + Shift + F9. If you have several hyperlinks across the document, just select the entire document and use any of these shortcuts.

shortcut key to remove hyperlinking

Using The Clipboard Icon OR Removing The Links Manually – For Focused Users At The Time Of Copying

When you copy from an external source and paste into Word, you will see a small Clipboard drop-down button at the end of the text. You can just click it and select the Keep Text Only option to remove the hyperlinks from the copied text.

drop down menu keep text only option

You can also remove a link manually by right clicking it and selecting the Remove Hyperlink option. However, practically, this is not a feasible option.

In 2010, you can even right-click the document and select the third icon namely Keep Text Only present under Paste Options in the shortcut or contextual menu. The good part of Word 2010 is that you will be able to preview the option’s effect before you actually apply it.

Twisting The Paste Special Option – For Proactive Users

You can set MS Word to paste the text without hyperlinks. To do so in Word 2007, select Paste --> Paste Special from the Home tab.

paste special option

This will display the Paste Special dialog box wherein you need to select the Unformatted Text option.

paste special dialog box

In Word 2010, when you select the Paste drop-down button from the Home tab, you have two options to choose from namely, the third icon under Paste Options or Paste Special.

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Alternatively, you can also select Office --> Word Options to open the Options dialog box in Word 2007. Next, select the Advanced tab and then on the right side, scroll down to the Cut, copy, and paste section. Herein, you will see many options for pasting in a Word 2007 document. However, you need to select the Keep Text Only option from the Pasting from other programs combo box.

keep text only option

Disabling Hyperlinks – For Users Who Hate Hyperlinks

If you cannot withstand the automatic transfer of hyperlinks from a Web page into Word, you can disable this behavior. In Word 2007, simply click Office --> Word Options to open the corresponding dialog box. Now, select Proofing from the left menu and click the AutoCorrect Options button on the right side.

word options

This will display the AutoCorrect dialog box wherein you need to select the AutoFormat As You Type tab and clear the Internet and network paths with hyperlinks check box.

auto correct

Have you exposed another hidden method to remove hyperlinks in Word? Well, kindly share with us in your comments!