How To Repair Philips DVD

DVD models from Philips are some of the best DVD players in the market. Not only are they user friendly, but are also cost effective. In fact, Philips offers a wide range of DVD players to choose from. These DVD players are priced according to the technologies used in them.

However, regardless of their pricing and technology, all DVD players are designed to recognize and read the digital codes on a disc. The discs are the carriers of video and audio data inputs.

Philips DVD players might come cheap but they require care and protection in order to function well. There can be times when the DVD player will not play the disc properly. In such times you can try a few troubleshooting tips before seeking professional help.

Troubleshooting Tips for Philips DVD player:

1. If the DVD player isn’t powering up, check the cable connections for power supply. Many times the DVD player will not switch on if the power outlet is damaged or if the power cord is not secured in properly in the socket. The on/off button can also cause issues with the powering up of the DVD player. A broken or damaged on/off button will require to be replaced. Sometimes an internal problem like a fuse can also make the power supply cord non-functional. You can easily repair a fuse by removing the casing of the DVD player.

2. Many times the problem lies with the disc rather than the DVD player. Even small scratches on the disc will make it difficult for the player to read it. You can easily check the problem by playing an error-free disc. If this disc doesn’t play either then the DVD player is faulty. If this disc plays, then simply clean the previous disc using a soft cloth. This might help play the disc.

3. Often the DVD player will power on but will not display any audio or video signals. If you face this problem then check the connections between the DVD player and the television. The connections should be tight and secure.

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You can also check for disc error. If the second disc doesn’t play either then it’s time to clean the objective lens of the DVD player. You can buy the cleaner disc from any store that sells DVD players and DVDs. If the cleaner disc doesn’t solve your problem then manually clean the lens using a soft and non-abrasive cloth.

4. To clean the objective lens manually you will have to first remove the casing of the DVD player. Using a screwdriver unscrew the screws found at the top and bottom of the case. Removing the casing will reveal the deck of the DVD player. Look for the objective lens that is glassy and located below the DVD clamp.

The glass of the objective lens is blue in color. Flashing light from a torch over the various components on the deck will help you locate the lens since the glass will reflect light. Use a soft, lint-free cloth for cleaning the lens. Dab some denatured alcohol over the cloth to clean the lens. Use soft strokes for cleaning or you might damage the lens. Use the dry side of the cloth for drying the lens. Let the lens dry completely before putting the casing back on. Play the DVD player again to check if the problem has been corrected or not.