How to Replace a Cracked LCD Panel on a Sony Bravia

It is very rare, but there are people who might have faced the problem of cracked screen with their Sony Bravia liquid crystal LCD. The only thing that can be done about a cracked screen is to get it replaced immediately. Sony does not recommend do-it-yourself replacements for LCD screens.

If the TV is still under warranty, the company will replace the screen for you free of cost. However, if the LCD TV is out of warranty period then you will have to shell out a hefty sum for a new display screen; almost half of what you paid for the entire Bravia set!

Here are a few ways in which you can get a new LCD screen installed in place of the cracked screen of your Sony Bravia TV.

1.    Get in touch with the Sony customer service center. The number for the customer service is on the paperwork given to you at the time of purchase. You can also find the number on Sony’s official website. Talk to the Sony representative and let him/her know that the LCD screen of your Bravia has cracked and that you need it replaced.

The representative will take your details like name, telephone number, address as well as the make and model number of the Bravia LCD. You will also have to give the date on which you purchased the set. This will let the representative know whether your Sony Bravia LCD is under warranty or not. Normally, Sony gives one year warranty on its products and their parts. If the LCD screen is less than 30 inches, it has to be mailed to Sony Service Center for screen replacement.

2.    Sony also has third party contractors who will replace the screen for you. However, you will have to pay the cost of the new screen as well as labor charges. Get in touch with the contractors and give them a convenient time to come and make replacements.

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3.    Bring down the Sony Bravia from its stands, if it is wall-mounted. Sony does not authorize its technicians or contractors to dismount the television. Hang around while the technician in doing his job so as to ensure proper completion of the task. Before the contractor gets down to work check with him/her the total cost you would be paying and what all will be covered under the cost. It may happen that you might have to pay for parts other than the screen. All these are fixed charges and you cannot haggle with the technicians over them.

4.    The new LCD screen of your Sony Bravia will come with a one year warranty. If other parts have been replaced they too will carry a warranty period of one year. Remember to take the new warranty card from the technician. Many times the third part contractors will give you discounted warranty on the parts they have replaced. However, this isn’t warranty by Sony.

Keep all documents and bills related to the replacement with you. You will be asked to produce these documents if the LCD screen does not function properly on replacement.