How To Replace a TiVo Hard Drive

Many a times, we cannot watch our favorite shows on television or catch a live game because of unavoidable circumstances. So as not to miss out on our favorite entertainment programs many of us use the TiVo or the digital video recorders.

TiVo records our program for us and we can watch these shows during our leisure time. However, the TiVo starts erasing the older programs because of lack of memory space. The old programs are replaced with the new ones. The DVR deletes the programs that we might like to watch over and over again or haven’t watched so far.

The problem can be corrected by simply changing the hard drive of the TiVo with another hard drive that has more space. The hard drive of the TiVo can be replaced with a not-so-high-quality hard drive to save your programs. The replacement becomes necessary if the original hard drive becomes non-functional or doesn’t respond to booting. There are many cost effective brands of hard drives available in the market that provide larger memory space.

This means that you can record more number of programs on the TiVo. Hence, you will not be required to invest in a new TiVo simply because of lack of memory space.

You Can Replace The Hard Drive of the TiVo In Simple Steps

1. Keep ready the tools required for the replacement. A head screwdriver and the tools in the TiVo upgrade kits are all that you need to open the TiVo and replace the old hard drive. You will have to purchase a TiVo upgrade kit from the electronic shops that sell TiVo sets. The kit does not come with the TiVo.

2. Disconnect the TiVo from the television set as well as from the power points it is attached to. Remove the case of the TiVo by unscrewing the four screws on top of the case. Inside the casing of the TiVo is the hard drive. It is enclosed in a bracket located towards the lower right side of the set.

3. Take out the bracket from the unit after removing the casing of the TiVo. Do not loosen or pull out the wires that run in between the hard drive and the TiVo’s screen.

4. Now pull out the interface that is located on the left side of the hard drive. However, do not detach the cable from the main board; only from the hard drive. The interface cable is not hard to miss; it is a ribbon-like cable with a plastic end that goes into the drive. You must also remove the other thinner cable attached to the hard drive.

5. Replace the old hard drive with the new hard drive by simply unscrewing the screws that hold the hard drive to the bracket. Now put back all the parts in their place secure them with the removed screws.

Once you are done with replacing the old hard drive with the new hard drive, check if the recordings in your TiVo are going as per your satisfaction. Reprogram your TiVo set so that the new hard drive has the information on what programs to record, how to establish connection with the TiVo services and how to surf the channels. All this information was stored in the old drive earlier.