How To Replace Notepad In Windows 7

Notepad is one useful Windows application that allows users to access text files much faster. However, there are several replacements available to the standard version of Notepad with increased features.

After you prefer a suitable replacement, you need to log in under Administrator mode to make any changes. Some of the effective replacements for your Notepad are Notepad2, Metapad, and Notepad++. Here are the simple steps allowing you to perform this task.

Steps To Replace Notepad In Windows 7

Locate The .exe File To Replace Notepad

The exact file depends upon your requirements. You now attempt opening the file after copying it to the Desktop. This is to confirm that it opens from a different folder or not. For instance, you can find a small .exe file that can be considered for replacement in the case of Notepad++.

Take A Backup Of Your Notepad Before Replacing

Implementing all the standards of backup is required before replacing Notepad. Even you might never need the existing Notepad; it is advisable to have a backup. The location of Notepad in Windows 7 is:



C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (for 64-bit versions exclusively)

Rename The .exe File After Creating

Replace Notepad In Windows 7

Access all the above directories or the relevant ones to copy Notepad. Choose the same folder to consider pasting the copied file.

Replace Notepad In Windows 7

Name it with a title that can be easily identified as a backup file such as “notepad (2).exe” or more specifically as “notepad.exe.bak”.

Replace Notepad In Windows 7

Follow the same procedure for the rest of the folders that have Notepad (2 files for 32-bit, 3 files 64-bit).

Deleting Notepad is not easy even if with an Administrator access due to high security standards maintained by Microsoft. But, you can consider various techniques like disabling UAC, which allows you to delete Notepad.

Steps Involved In Deleting Notepad

Replace Notepad In Windows 7

Here are a series of steps guiding you through the exact deletion process. Access any one of the directories having Notepad. Go to the “Properties” option by right-clicking on it. Choose the “Security” tab and then select “Advanced” but clicking on it. Notice that the file is owned by “TrustedInstaller”.

Replace Notepad In Windows 7

You can perform functions such as Edit on the files held by that user. Click on “OK” after choosing the relevant user. An alert message prompts requesting you to reopen “Properties” windows after closing it. This is to give you edit permissions.

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It has to be done only after the change of owner takes effect. Click on OK and close “Properties” after clicking on OK again. Go to Notepad and right-click on it to access “Properties”.

Replace Notepad In Windows 7

Navigate to Security tab and choose “Edit”. Prefer the relevant group or username from the menu on top. Check in the box to take Full control in the Allow column as well. Click OK and close the Properties window. You will now be able to delete Notepad. Perform the same process for the other folder/s as well. The above steps will help you in deleting Notepad.

Steps Involved In Replacing Notepad

Now, implement the steps given below to replace Notepad. Choose the replacement for Notepad from the available lot. Go to your desktop screen and copy the .exe file for Notepad replacement. Copy the .exe file to 2 or 3 folders more. Navigate to Notepad again and double-clicking on it will allow you to open the newly-created Notepad replacement.