How To Request For A New Google Plus Feature

With Google plus being the new arena for social networking these days, users of Google plus and people interested to open an account with Google + have become more demanding.

The only question for everyone in this scenario is that why use Google plus when there is everything available with other networking sites.

Google Plus Features

Here we are talking about users demand for access to even more interesting features with Google plus in addition to the basic networking site features. Having said this, Google + is not far away from reaching any such demands of users.

New Google Plus Features

Google plus has been recently launched to give a competitive edge to other networking sites, like Facebook. Along with the basic features, Google plus also now comes with several intuitive features such as circles, hangouts, instant upload, sparks, huddle and so on.

new google plus features

Considering the overwhelming response from users to know about these new features, Google + has also come up with ways to know what all features are most in demand.

Understand New Google Plus Features

To make your new Google plus feature request more effective, you must be sure about your demand and its benefits for other users as a whole. Therefore, let’s first understand about a feature, for example Google plus Circles, and gain some important knowledge.

Unlike other networking site features that have basic functionality in terms of creating your network of friends, Google Plus Circles is a layered concept that lets you form groups in your network in a more effective manner.

google plus

Based on this concept, you can very well manage different groups for your friends. You can have an independent group or Circle for friends who have a similar interest or who belonged to your school in the same batch. Similarly, you can have more than one group based on different parameters.

Now, the new Google plus feature named “Sparks” comes into utility where it helps in sharing your information with one or more groups the way you want. So, in a nutshell, Circles allows you to create a categorization of your entire friend network for you to manage them in a better way.

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How to Request for A New Google Plus Feature

The best way to find the features that have allured most of the Google users is to do a public survey. Google plus have introduced the survey option through the link “Google plus feature requests”. This link works as a discussion forum for everyone to request for a new Google plus feature.

request for new google plus features

With the number of requests posted through this forum, people also vote for a feature requested based on how useful the feature is and how can it help to attract more number of users to follow.

The basic objective of this approach is to take Google plus one level up in the competition as far as the user interaction with networking sites is concerned. Therefore, you have the option to vote for the existing feature requests, post your questions about a specific feature, or even request for a new feature for other users to vote. The thumb rule is that the more the votes for a new Google plus feature, the sooner you enjoy using the feature.