How To Restore Facebook’s Most Recent News Feed

We can hardly imagine life without Facebook today. It has become an integral part of not only the web, but also our lives. Therefore, to cater to the need of the growing popularity of this social networking site, the Facebook team has more improvement plans for the future.

restore facebooks news feed

About Facebook News Feeds

Among one of the important changes will be the ability of the users to sort the news feed. Facebook is zeroing on the possibility to allow the users to sort the news feeds based on the most recently posted messages and posts. The engineering manager of Facebook has disclosed the same on the company blog. These changes are coming close on the recently make changes made in September.

In September, Facebook had made some changes the manner of displaying posts on its Facebook page. The changes took place a few months ago and aimed at stacking the posts at the top of the mountain of the news feeds. The criteria of the importance of the certain posts determined their position.

Facebook News Feed Changes

However, the changes did not go too well with the users. Complaints started sneaking and it bubbled to become a rumbling point for the active users on the web.

facebook news feed

The reintroduction of the previous option clearly shows that Facebook users were unhappy with too many changes in such a short span of time. Facebook users definitely want to have their discretion on posting and display of messages and hence, there was chaos as Facebook team tried to introduce random changes in display of feeds and recent posts.

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Notifications In Facebook

There will be an update about these changes to all the Facebook users. All the users will be aware of the latest changes brought about by Facebook.

facebook notifications

The site may send notifications to users and ask if they want to automatically update and use the new tools for feeds, posts and auto-group features.

Restore Facebook’s Recent News Feed

However, you may not want to wait that long and start the process on your own. Follow the steps so that you can make the changes according to you taste.

Firstly, you will need to create a list. To do this click the “Home” button at the top right of the page. It will open the news feed. Towards the left of the column, you can see the “Lists”. Hovering over the list header will show you more links. Click “Create a list” and name it accordingly. Once done, click “Create List”.

add friends to list

Next, you should stumble upon “Add Friends to this list to see their updates” when you click “Add Friends” link. A pop-up window with your friends’ thumbnail will be displayed. Here, you will have to select each friend individually. There is no way you can select all of them in one go.


You can even add pages if you wish to. There is a drop-down menu to the top left corner. This offers more options to add in your list. If you have already liked any pages, it will give you updates of the pages as well. Having friends and pages together will keep you updated of the changes in one place. Once you have optimized your list, click “Done”. The “Most Recent” will show up to the left of your screen in the left-hand side column.