How to Restore Windows XP in Safe Mode

When Windows XP is running in the safe mode, the PC is able to run fewer device drivers to boot windows. To boot your windows in safe mode, you need to tap the F8 key rapidly just when the BIOS post ends.

press f8 and select safe mode

The Advanced option menu appears on the screen and in case you don’t get it and the Windows load properly, you need to restart your computer and go through the steps again. In the safe mode, the PC uses the default VGA driver at a screen resolution of 640 x 480.

Run the System Restoration in the Safe Mode

Once your Windows load in Safe Mode, log in as the administrator and in the dialogue box that then appears, clicking yes will allow you to enter windows in the safe mode and clicking No, launches the system restore.

dialog box

Access your System Restore Wizard

If you want to run the system restore wizard in safe mode, go to the  Control Panel from the Start menu and click on Performance and Maintenance. Then click on Using System Restore to undo changes and then on the Run the System Restore Wizard.

system restore wizard

The PC doesn’t create any automatic restore point while working in the safe mode and therefore once it is run in the safe mode, it cannot be undone. In the safe Mode, the computer can be restored to any predefined restore point. This is very much useful as it can be used to restore the PC to a condition when the OS was running error free in case you cannot load the OS in standard mode.

But one thing that is of considerable importance that there are some differences in the Safe Mode of Windows XP Home and Windows XP professional versions. If the system restore is enabled in the Windows XP, it can be used to recover the PC from problems caused by corrupted software or drivers.

The option, last known good configuration can be used to avail you with the most recent configuration that worked for your PC and even if it fails to restore your PC to good health, some earlier restore points can also be accessed. It is most useful for trouble shooting

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Whenever there is a software problem regarding the operating system or in case of bad device driver software that doesn’t allow the OS to run in the normal mode, XP will always boot in the safe mode. Using the system restore in the safe mode is also helpful to determine and identify the reason that is prohibiting the Windows from booting depending on when your OS is crashing.

blue screen of death

If it is crashing during the loading process, or is showing the Blue Screen of Death then most probably it is a driver that is causing the problem. But if the OS crashes after the appearance of the Windows interface, then in all probability it is concerned with a software problem. Once the original problem is diagnosed, it is much easier to restore it using the system restore utility.

After restoring your system to a point where it worked properly, all you need to do is restarting your PC and load windows normally.