How to Restore Your iPod Touch When Something Goes Wrong

It is very common for the desktop and laptop computers to stop working suddenly in the middle of any important work. This abrupt stopping or disturbance in the smooth running of the computers is known as the computer being hung. It can happen to even a ‘healthy’ computer. In short, any gadget that uses an operating system, can hang. 

ipod touch

iPod Touch and iPhones Hang Too

iPod Touch and iPhonesare no exception to this rule. Even they can suddenly stop responding to commands. This can happen when you are adding apps or music to your iPhone. It is also possible that the iPhone suddenly stops responding when you are busy installing the many updates at a time. The gadget can become unstable during such processes as well.

Restoring iPod Touch and iPhones

To start with, the process of setting your device back to normal is to ‘Reset’ it. When you are going to jailbreak a device, you may need to ‘Reset’ the iPhone to make it work on the correct lines. For resetting your device, go to ‘General’ in ‘Settings’. There you should find the ‘Reset’ option.

reset ipod

In the ‘Reset’ option, you will find six options like, ‘Erase All Content and Settings’, ‘Reset Network Settings’, Reset Keyboard Dictionary’, ‘Reset Home Screen Layout’ and finally, ‘Reset Location Warnings’. However, you have to tap the ‘Reset All Settings’, which will set everything straight.

reset all settings

When you tap the above option, you will be asked for a confirmation. It is also like a warning to you. It will prompt you to confirm if you indeed want to reset the entire bunch of settings. However, there will also be a heartening message for you. The message will read something like this: “This will reset all settings. No data or media will be deleted”. As your data is safe, you can safely go ahead to reset your device.

warning popup

This process will reset all the settings of the gadget. You will also have to reconnect the Wi-Fi connection if you have any. Resetting the device will disconnect the Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, you cannot directly use any online apps without again connecting to the Wi-Fi connection.

connect to wi-fi

Restoring Instead of Resetting

More often than not, just resetting your gadget should be fine and the phone should start functioning properly immediately. However, at times, just resetting is not what you are looking for. You need much more than that. You need a complete restore for better functioning.

restore to factory defaults

However, there is a word of caution for you. Before you go for the complete restore, you will invariably have to take a backup of all your data. The restore option sets everything to default, thereby erasing whatever data there is on your phone. The reason is, the restore option works like Factory Defaults.

backup ipod

You can even use the Dropbox to take the backup of your data. Dropbox is an app that allows you share or sync the files with other mobile devices or even computers.

Thus, it would be worthwhile to use it before you restore your  iPod or iPhone. You can always restore all your data back on your device safely.