How To Rotate the iMac Display

Technology always offers and always tries to dish out something new to its users. The field of photography and display has the most exciting features on offer for the users. Conventionally, computers have had the in-built ability to allow the users to select a variety of display preferences. It is so easy, even a newbie can operate the functions.

Adjusting the screen resolution is probably the easiest of the lot. However, with new technology seeing the light of the day, there are features and functions that can not only thrill you, but also amuse you. One of the many advanced functions a Mac offers today is the rotation of the screen.

rotate imac display

iMac Screen Rotation

It is indeed doubtful how much screen rotation would be in use practically. It is a question how many users may need this feature on a serious note. The number of users who will practically use this feature is too far from reality. Yet, Mac has this feature in place. Therefore, it is worth having a look at it. Follow the steps given below to experience the feature for yourself.

On the menu bar, click the “Apple” button.

system preferences

To move to the next step, click “System Preferences” in the context menu. Now, click “Displays”.

displays on system preferences

Here, you should see the drop down menu. Choose the option “Rotate” from the list.


Some Tips and Warnings

You will certainly enjoy rotating the Mac display. You will not know how much time you spent in front of your Mac enjoying yourself. However, there are some tips and warnings that you should know beforehand. It may happen that you try to rotate the display and your Mac just does not respond.

Has anyone of you gone through such a frustrating phase when you were trying to experiment with the rotation feature for the first time and failed miserably? If your answer is yes, that is because your Mac is lacking some basic components needed to run the feature.

By default, the Mac will not show you the available rotation option. That is because, it first detects if your monitor has been manufactured the way it should respond to rotations.

Find out More about Your Monitor

You will be interested in knowing if your monitor is capable of responding to this feature. You can go to “System Preferences” first. You can ‘ask’ the system to show the hidden options.

To do this, hold “Options” after you have clicked “Displays”. You will know about the status of your machine right here.

Important Technical Information

The prerogative to the display rotation feature lies in the video card of the machine. You will first have to find out if your video card supports such a feature or not. If the card does not support the display geometry, sadly this feature will not be able to work on your Mac.

All you have to do is to check if your Mac has an ATI video card. Display rotation is supported by ATI cards. NVIDIA video cards do not support this interesting feature yet.