How To Save A Web Page As PDF File With Web2PDF

Have you thought of saving a Web page as PDF file? Doing so can be very handy in case you have to browse through the Web page quickly in absence of an Internet connection.

Although you can make a Web page available offline by saving it as an html file, copying and pasting it in a Word document, or printing it directly; but saving it as PDF file is a much better offline browsing option.

web2 pdf converter

There are two ways of converting a Web page into PDF file namely, using a Firefox add-on called Web2PDF Converter or accessing the add-on’s online service. It is clear that the former one is only for the Firefox users, while the latter one is for all irrespective of the browser in use. So, let us now explore both the ways of converting a Web page into PDF format.

If You Are A Firefox User

You first need to download and install the Web2PDF Converter from Once you have downloaded and installed the add-on, restart the browser and you will see that a yellow toolbar icon appears near the Address bar, which is called Web 2 PDF. The best part of this add-on is that unlike other add-ons, it has no options to bother you.

installing web2 pdf

Now, open the URL of the Web page that you want to save as PDF and click the Web 2 PDF icon. Doing so will open a new tab that displays the status of the new PDF file being generated. Well, this is the online service page of this converter.

web 2pdf icon

When the new PDF file is ready, the page will display a message of successful conversion along with a download link. Now, all you have to do is to right-click the link and save the PDF file at the desired location on your machine.

pdf file created

When you are saving the file, you will notice that it already has a name according to the article or page name, which is very much desirable and convenient feature to have.

pdf file save

Now, open the PDF and you will observe that the file contains all actions performed by you, such as text selection. Isn’t this a better way of saving a Web page or article?

geekhowtos pdf

If You Are Not A Firefox User

In case you are using a browser other than Firefox, you still can easily convert an online article or a Web page into PDF by using the online utility of the Web2PDF Converter. All you need to do is just go to, enter the URL of the Web page that you need to save as PDF in the empty field, and click the Convert to PDF button.


Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to the address specified below the empty field for requesting the conversion and sending the PDF via e-mail.

creating pdf for web

Even the Firefox users will love this option, as it is more comprehensive and adaptable in nature. By this, I mean that it offers many options that you can access by clicking the options button. Doing so will allow you to specify the page size, orientation, margins, title, author, subject, and keywords. Further, you can also secure the PDF file by stating the passwords for users and owner separately and denying activities such as copying, editing, and printing. Isn’t this cool?

Tip: To obtain the add-on for your Chrome or IE browser, simply click PDF Button and choose its Add-on option.