How To Save Searches In Windows 7

While working on Windows, we normally tend to create, edit, and save different types of files. Now, it is not possible for a human brain to remember the storage locations of all these files. This is why we tend to use the search feature of Windows many times in a day.

The main benefit of performing a search is fast lookup that saves time in spotting the required file or folder. However, there are times when we have to perform the same search again and again over a period of time. Isn’t that frustrating?

Well, if you can think of some good ideas of preventing the aforementioned situation, one of them would be to save the search, which would consequently save even more time in future by eliminating the need to look for the same file again.

In the former versions of Windows until XP, you could search for different files as per the location, file extension, phrases in the file, size, and last modified date. However, you were never given the opportunity to save those searches so that you would not have to make an extra effort to perform the same search again in future. However, Windows 7 have opened the doors for this opportunity to make your life easier. Let us check it out now!

Problem: Irritation Due To Searching For The Same File Repeatedly

Let us consider a scenario wherein you are the project manager of your company. You have created a project plan in MS Word for executing a new project, which you have to update at the end of every month after the client meeting. Because it is a confidential file, you have not shared its location with anyone else in the team.

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However, you realize that you always forget the path of the file stored on your laptop that runs Windows 7. Therefore, you have to perform a search for it at the end of every month. As a result, you feel very frustrated! So, you are looking for a solution to get rid of this frustration.

Solution: Save the Search in Windows 7

The best solution to the above problem is to save the search. If you save your last search, there is no need for you to repeat it at the end of the next month. In Windows 7, fortunately, you can store your search on your computer so that you never ever have to face the frustrating situation of repeating the same search frequently.

Saving the latest searches enables you to access the most frequently used files and folders in a more quickly as well as efficient manner. Therefore, it is advisable to cultivate the habit of saving the searches in Windows 7.

Implement the Solution: The Save Search Button In the Windows Explorer Allows Saving Search

Once you have finished performing a search, you can save the current search criteria by clicking the Save Search button in the Windows Explorer.

As a result, you will now see the saved search under the Favorites link in the left pane. Above all, for even more rapid access, you can create shortcuts to these searches on your desktop.