How To Scan and Remove Malicious Viruses

No matter how advanced the safety features of a system are people successfully make malicious viruses that can harm your computer very badly. Every now and then we hear about the potential outbreak of a new type of advanced virus on a certain date. It surely creates a lot of panic. However, we will show you how to scan and remove such malicious viruses and keep your system safe.

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

Most of the people will argue that they have a nice antivirus licensed version but understand that we are not dealing with normal viruses. The outbreak of serious viruses can easily fool your antivirus and destroy the system. Therefore, when an outbreak is reported we suggest you to get the latest version of Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool from Microsoft’s website.

However, it is not a substitute for your antivirus program, so don’t uninstall your primary protection software. Malicious Software Removal Tool is only an aide to help you against the outbreak. Moreover, you don’t need to install this tool, just download and run it. It will take some time to detect if there is a virus in your computer. After that you can easily see the report and take necessary actions.

Antivirus Software Updates

It is also very important to keep an updated antivirus in your system. Computers without a firewall and antivirus software are most vulnerable to any kind of malicious viruses and hacking. Therefore, make sure that you get the best protection.

You can choose from the wide range of antivirus products available in the market or else you can download a free version also, but make sure that the program is good enough and gets updated regularly. Actually, antivirus companies work rigorously to power their product with all the updated info about recent threats so see to it that your program also gets that.

Regular Scanning

Although, most of the antivirus programs automatically scan the hard drives, still it is a good idea to manually scan your system every now and then. Scanning does help in removing or locking the malicious files that can cause damage to other files. You only have to give some minutes to the software for scanning and the computer will be in a better position to save itself against threats.

Also remember, that when you connect any external device i.e. pen drive, CD, portable disk, phones, memory cards etc make sure to scan them before opening any file. However, if the device is dangerous, antivirus will alert you but it is better to scan it first.

Windows Security Updates

Just like the antivirus a program, Microsoft also works very hard to keep you safe against the threats that pop out every now and then. But you really need to allow Windows to automatically check for updates.

This way your system can frequently check for any new updates so you can run a fully patched version of Windows that is ready against malicious threats. Therefore, enable these security features in your computer.