How To Search Google Docs From The Chrome Location Bar

Are you a heavy Chrome and Google Doc user? Well, here’s good news for you. You can now search your Google documents directly from the Location bar of Chrome.

This means that there is no need for you to open Google Docs. It is just a matter of simply typing the GoogleDocs keyword and name of the desired document in the Location bar to determine its presence.

Wondering about the keyword? Hold on; we shall look at it in just a few seconds. Anyways, isn’t this a cool feature of Chrome? Well, it is a cool one, as you can save a lot of time while working with Google docs, as you now can quickly spot them right from the browser’s Location bar. Let us now comprehend the basic mechanism behind such a customization in Chrome.

Chrome Allows Setting Search Engines

If you are using Chrome since some time, you will know that it allows searching within a site by simply pressing the Tab key. This means that whenever you browse a site and start a search in it, Chrome adds that site as a search engine.

search engine on google docs

So now, when you want to search for something in that site the next time, you can simply do so by typing its name in the Location bar, pressing the Tab key, and entering the search keyword.

google search tab in chrome

For example, if you have searched for something in Bing, Chrome automatically adds it in its list of search engines that is available at chrome://settings/searchEngines.

Here, you will see that each site in which you have searched for something is listed along with the keyword (second column) and URL with the query parameter (third column). The initial part of the page shows the default search options, while the remaining part displays a list of other search engines.

keyword for search engine

Further, when it adds a site to this list, it also creates a unique search keyword to it, which you can modify later. For example, if the site name is, you can change the keyword to bng so that you can simply type it, press Tab, and enter the search term for making your search even faster.

This means that you do not have to even enter the full address of the site. Therefore, there is no doubt that Chrome has made browsing quite productive. Here’s how to add Google Docs to this list of search engines so that you can search for the required docs in just two seconds.

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Set GoogleDocs As A Search Engine

Open your Chrome browser, right-click the Location bar, and select the Edit Search Engines option to open the Search Engines page. Alternatively, you can also select Wrench --> Options --> Manage search engines. Now, scroll down until you see a row of blank fields.

This is where you will provide a name and keyword for quick GoogleDocs search. In the first field, enter GoogleDocs; while in the second field, enter the desired keyword such as docs.

google docs

Remember, this should be as short as possible so that you can simply enter it quickly in the Location bar for searching the required document. Finally, in the third field, enter any of the following URLs as per your Google Docs usage:,, or

In case the second link is suitable, do replace MYDOMAIN with your domain name. That’s it! You are now ready to search your Google documents.

Searching A Google Document

Just enter your keyword in the Location bar, press Tab, and provide your search keyword that should be the name of the document. This will open the Docs page with the results displayed. Isn’t that the easiest way to spot a Google doc? Well, do share your experiences in comments! We would love to hear from you!