How To Secure Your Phone Number On Facebook

These days the latest trend in technology is social networking. Yes, social networking websites have become an integral part of our daily activities. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Orkut etc. are all counted under social networking websites.

They allow the user to express his or her views in the way they want. The user is capable of uploading pictures, videos, chat with friends, post status updates, send messages and even receive notifications on the mobile phone.

Secure Your Phone Number On Facebook

So when the question of mobile phones comes, especially on such websites, then the main question of securing your number arises. It is true that Facebook allows you to give your number for SMS notifications, but how will you protect it from getting exploited? Well, here are a few ways to change your security settings, in order to feel safe about it.

Ways To Secure Your Phone Number On Facebook

Open Facebook Account

To start with, you will have to log into your account. Till the time you do not do so, you will not be able to move onto the next step. Go to the main page, and insert your username and password. You will automatically be diverted to the homepage.

Open Facebook Account

Click On Account

On the top right hand side of the homepage, you will notice a button of account. It is also the same button that allows the user to log out of Facebook. So once you see the button click on it.

Click On Facebook Account

Account Options

There will be a variety of options in this area. It will contain your log out option, edit friends option, privacy and a few more.

Account Facebook

Edit Friends

Out of all the available options, go in for edit friends. Even though we are taking about securing the phone number, but this option will help you do so. Hence do not misinterpret it by anything wrong. The edit friends’ option has a lot of features. You can take a look at all the list of friends you have. Hence click on edit friends.

Edit Friends


When you finally click on edit friends, you will come to a new page. On that page, look towards the left and you will see another tab called contacts. It will contain all the contacts of your friends and your own.

Contacts On Facebook Account


Over there you will get an option of sharing the phone number with your friends, you only, everyone and customize. In order to ensure complete security, you can click on the “me only” button.

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This will allow you to display the phone number on your Facebook profile, but only you will be able to view it. Therefore it will save you from sharing it with the rest of the world.


Even though Facebook is a public website it still allows all its users to take very strict security measures in order to get complete safety. When you follow the above mentioned points, you will definitely be benefited.

Your mobile number will be secured and no one will get a chance to misuse it. It is very important to protect such things on Facebook. If you do so, you will get a mental satisfaction.