How To Send A Private Message In Google Plus

Sending a direct message or a private message is one of the common features of social networking sites. If you consider the well-known sites like Twitter and Facebook, you will note that there is an option to send a private message to your follower in Twitter or to your friend in Facebook.

send a private message in google plus

Hence, you may wonder how to send a private message using Google Plus. Well, there is no such option to send a private message. In fact, Google seems to have disabled that option in Google+ and by default; you will not be able to send any such messages. However, people can yet send you an email even if they do not know your e-mail address. This facility of sending an e-mail in spite of not knowing the e-mail address may make it seem to be even more difficult to send a private message.

The good thing about using the following trick is that, you do not need to go anywhere else to either write your message or read it. It is almost the same as using your Facebook wall. The beauty of the Google Plus wall is that only you can write on it – not your friends as Facebook allows. Sending private messages through Google Plus is still a mystery for many people. However, it will not be once you know the following steps.

How to Send Private Message in Google+

There is a trick to send a private message in spite of the non-availability of this feature. However, for this to materialize, your friend should have added you in any one of his/her circles. This is the only prerequisite and if satisfied, you can send a private message easily.

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Let us now talk about the steps involved in sending a direct or private message in Google Plus.

In Google Plus Stream, compose your message that you wish to send.

With the help of the visibility box, set the visibility of your message. The visibility can be anything like your circle.


Confirm that you have removed the visibility of the circle. Obviously, you want to send the message as private.

The next step is the most important. You have to type in the name of your friend to whom you want to send the private message. But do not forget to precede the friend’s name with the + (plus) sign. You will also see a drop-down list from where you can select the name of your friend.

drop down friend list

When the name of the person is selected, the name will appear along with an option to add more friends. You can choose to add more friends if you like.

When done click the “Share” button and you are done.



It is very common for people to be concerned if the message has been sent to the particular person or not. Now, you would like to confirm the same. So here is how you can it find out.

limited button

Click the link “Limited”. Here, you will see the names of the people along with their profile picture with whom you have actually shared the message.