How To Send An Email Quickly With The GmailThis! Bookmarklet

While browsing the World Wide Web, how many times have you felt the need of sharing a potion of online text with your colleagues? Do you come across situations wherein you feel like sharing an interesting link with your friends? I am sure that we all face such situations almost on a daily basis. In such cases, it is essential to send an email instantly so that you do not have to recollect later.

gmail this

However, to send an email, we usually have to sign in, click Compose, and write the message for sending an email. What if I tell you that you can now send an email without doing these three tasks? How about sending an email with just a single click? This is something instant, isn’t it? Well, you can do so easily if you have two things: Gmail account and the GmailThis! bookmarklet.

What is GmailThis! Bookmarklet

As the name suggest, this bookmarklet allows you to send an email via your Gmail ID but without actually opening it. All you have to do is just add this bookmarklet to the links or bookmarks toolbar of the browser. Once you have done so, you are all set to send an email with a single click.

gmail this bookmarlet

When you click GmailThis! on the toolbar, a small Gmail interface appears, which is already populated with a Web page link as well as with the highlighted text, if any, on that page. Above all, it works in all the browsers, except for the IE wherein it might not function that well. Anyways, you can still try it.

How To Obtain The GmailThis! Bookmarklet

Just visit the URL, that contains a link to the bookmarklet. You now simply have to drag the link to the bookmarks toolbar of your browser. In case your platform is Mac, you might have to ctrl-click the link for adding it to the list of bookmarks.

Further, in case of Opera, you will have to right-click it to save it as a bookmark, as the action of dragging will not function. Finally, you will see that the bookmarklet appears on your bookmarks toolbar. This is the easiest and simplest way of adding a utility in your browser, as you need not have to worry about downloading or installing it.

How To Use The GmailThis! Bookmarklet

Just open the Web page containing some interesting content that you want to share. Now, highlight that content and click GmailThis! on the bookmarks toolbar. This will open a mini-interface of your Compose window wherein the URL, highlighted text, and subject are automatically inserted.

using gmail this

All you have to now do is to enter the recipients and click the Send button. After doing so, you will see a notification atop the window, which says that your message has been sent.

emailing highlighted content

Lastly, the window will close automatically within a few seconds. Hurray! You have learned to send an instant email. Isn’t this a cool utility that makes everything ready for us to send an email?

email sent

Note: In case you have not logged onto Gmail, you will first have to login via the login screen and then click GmailThis! again.

Are There Any Limitations

Yes! There is a character limit for including the highlighted text, which is 1000. Further, it supports Western encoding only.