How To Set Parental Controls To Filter Websites In Windows Vista

With more and more Web sites excitingly vibrating the world from the epicenter of the World Wide Web, it is not surprising that even children are becoming the target. Right from checking mails to playing games and from listening music to sharing videos, there is virtually nothing on the Internet, which fails to attract children.

However, the biggest risk that this attraction carries is spoiling the minds of children. Although it is great to let the kids explore the new technology, it is yet not good to give them unlimited access to Internet. Otherwise, it will not take time for the kids to get into wrong things such as watching adult videos and gambling instead of playing games. Therefore, it is very essential to limit access to the content on the Web or filter Websites. Let us now see how to do so in Windows Vista.

Problem: Want To Block The Content On The Web That Is Not Child-Friendly

Let us consider a scenario wherein your kid is learning to use the Internet from your home computer. You conclude that he loves to be on the Internet and browse different stuff. Therefore, he has asked you to use the Internet on a daily basis for at least two hours. Further, you come to know that your kid has been assigned a science project from his school. To complete this project, he has to use the Internet for more hours now. You are aware that Internet is full of content that is not meant for kids. Therefore, you do not want your kid to visit those sites at any cost. So, what to do now?

Solution: Take The Help Of Parental Controls To Filter Websites

If you are running Windows Vista, you will feel lucky enough to protect your child from the immoral content on the Web in a diagnostic manner. Just use the Parental Controls and specify the sites that your kid cannot visit along with those sites that he can visit. In addition, you can even prevent file downloads. Therefore, enabling the Web filter considerably decreases the number of sites for viewing, which contain objectionable content.

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Implement The Solution: Filter Websites By Allowing or Denying Their Display In The Browser
Once you have filtered the sites, your child cannot see the ones that you have blocked. If at all, she or he tries to open the site, a Parental Control screen will be displayed in the browser stating that the access is blocked. So, here are the steps to filter Websites in Vista.

1. Log in as administrator.

2. Go to Control Panel.

3. On the right panel, click the Set up parental controls for any user link.

4. Select your kid’s account.

5. Select the On, enforce current settings option under the Parental Controls section.

6. Click the Windows Vista Web Filter link located below.

7. Select the Only allow websites which are on the allow list check box. Doing so will block all the other sites that you do not specify in the allow list.

8. Click the Edit the Allow and block list link.

9. Enter the URL of site that your child can visit and click the Allow button.

10. Repeat the above step for all the sites that are good to visit. This will generate the allow list. Note that you need not create the block list because of the 7th step.

Warning: You can apply the Parental Controls only to the Standard user accounts.