How To Set the Office 2007 Color Scheme with a Quick Registry Hack

Microsoft office is surely a great way to handle all your operations. From making records to viewing emails, it allows you to do everything at just a click. So many people around the world use it on a regular basis as it simplifies their work and life. But no one can work with the same thing again and again if there are no updates made to it.

It is obvious that looking at the same old blue color will bore any one and will make work even more monotonous. Hence, if you too wish to change the color scheme of your office 2007 that too with the help of a Quick Registry Hack, then do not worry at all. Below are mentioned a few steps that will assist you in the entire procedure. Simply look at them and follow them till you achieve what you need.

microsoft office 2007 color scheme

Click on Start and Run

Every computer has a start button on the extreme left hand side in the bottom. It is usually blue in color and gives us access to all the functions available on the computer. So click on start and then click on Run. One can find the Run tab easily in the start menu. It is like a shortcut for us to view files which are either hidden or unknown to us.


Start Typing Regedit.exe

Here are simple steps for using regedit.exe. Once you press the Run tab, it will open a small rectangular shaped window on your computer screen. This window will contain a search engine type box. In this particular box, you will have to type “regedit.exe”. Type this text in order to move onto the next step in this procedure.

Navigate the Following

As soon as you type “regedit.exe”, a new window will open. In this window on the left hand side a few options will be given. The user will be required to look for the following option “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Common”. It will be easily found once you give this command.

registry editor

Theme and Modification

After finding the above mentioned option, there will be three new options opened in a new window. Out of all those three, you have to work with the last option which is theme.

Right Click and Modify

Now right click on Theme and click on modify. Once you right click on Theme, a few other options will open. Out of all the options, click on modify.

Select Color

In order to put the color, you will have to choose between three numbers which are 1, 2 and 3. 1 denotes blue, 2 denote silver and 3 denote black. Hence, accordingly add any of these numbers in the value data column. After you enter the number, press on Ok.

edit theme value

This is the last step and it will automatically make changes. Sometimes you would even be asked to restart the computer in order to allow the changes to take place.

Therefore, it is a very simple procedure. It is not at all time consuming and can be easily understood by anyone.