How To Set Up a Twitter Page

For any business, communication is vital for its survival and progress.  These days, businesses and marketing experts opt for social media promotions and brand building. Twitter is a micro blogging service that has proved itself as an excellent platform for communication both for personal and business communication. 

The beauty of Twitter is you have to convey all your message in just 140 characters and it is this feature, which really makes it as a wonderful tool of communication.

Sign up

The first step is to sign up and create an account with Twitter.  For this go to and fill in the registration form in which you have to provide your full name, user name, password and email address.  User name will show on your profile.

twitter sign up

Even if you are not going to use utilize your account immediately still it will be a good idea to reserve your chosen username which will help you to preserve your business brand in your twitter address.

Get the Settings Right

While creating your profile you have to take care that it reflects your business.  In your profile you can upload your picture, you can add the city where your business interests are confined, and you can give the links to your websites.  Remember that you are creating a concise profile, which will display publicly, on your Twitter Page, and it will be utilized to process search queries, so describe yourself very clearly.

You can use your company logo as your background.  You can also use your mobile to update your tweets and receive tweets.  Click on the mobile tab and type your cell number and the name of your country and click the start button.  Twitter will give certain directions and in accordance to those directions text the word given by Twitter to the number given by Twitter.

twitter settings

Now, if you prefer to be searched by selected words put an hashtag # in front of those selected words.  Now if the URls you are using are very lengthy than make use of  If you prefer to receive tweets from select users than go to the profile page of that user and click the phone icon that has been given.  If necessary you can better create multiple accounts.  When you are going to promote multiple brands you can use multiple accounts for which you need different email ids.

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Give your Twitter business page a visual feel you want

Coming to aesthetics, it is better to provide a visual feel to your page.  Many free readymade themes   and design colors are available.  By applying some imagination and creativity, you can ad aesthetics to your page and it will give it a distinct look which will be very beneficial to you.

setting up twitter business page

In conclusion, in today’s world no business can avoid using Twitter and the same time it must spend some time and energy to understand Twitter and formulate good strategy to effectively use all the facilities provided by Twitter.  Remember “GIGO”.  It means Garbage in Garbage Out.