How To Share Your Presentation Using PowerPoint 2010 Through the Web

Did you know that you can broadcast a presentation over the Web in PowerPoint 2010? This is a very handy feature of PowerPoint 2010. Prior to that, whenever you wanted to share your presentation with your colleagues sitting abroad or friends staying far away, you either chose to email it, upload it on YouTube, or share it via some other file transfer mode such as FTP.

share powerpoint presentation through the web

This means that you were dependent on an external program or service for sharing your PowerPoint presentations. However, with the release of PowerPoint 2010, this dependency no longer exists because of its Broadcast Slide Show feature via which you can show your presentation over the web directly from PowerPoint 2010.

Digging the Broadcast Slide Show Feature

This era is such that you frequently have to communicate with people staying in different countries due to which they cannot be present in one room for watching your presentation. When it comes to showing a presentation, it is obvious that you want everyone to watch your slide show simultaneously irrespective of whether they are in one room with you or joining you via the phone or Web from thousands of miles away.

For all those who are joining you via phone or Web, PowerPoint 2010 has come up with the new way of sharing a presentation, which is known as Broadcast Slide Show. This option allows sharing a presentation with anyone right from PowerPoint 2010. It works so fast that those listening to you on a conference call can see the presentation in just a few seconds by opening a link to your presentation.

Above all, the best part of this feature is that if you make any changes such as replacing text or image, they are automatically seen by the listeners instantly. All you have to do is to open a presentation, click the broadcast option, and distribute the distinct public link that PowerPoint 2010 will offer. Worried about the cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility? Well, the good news is that this public link works in any browser and on any platform.

Using the Broadcast Slide Show Option

Here are the steps to broadcast your PowerPoint 2010 presentation to the target audience.

1. Open the desired presentation for broadcasting.

broadcasting powerpoint presentation

2. Select the Slide Show tab on the Ribbon.

3. Click the Broadcast Slide Show button under the Start Slide Show group. The Broadcast Slide Show dialog box is displayed, which informs you about the service and further says that you require a Windows Live ID for using it.

Broadcast Slide Show dialog box

4. Click the Start Broadcast button. The dialog box will upload the presentation, which can take some time depending on the size of your file. It will then connect to the broadcast service. Finally, it will show the link that you can share with the viewers.

Broadcast Slide Show link

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5. Click Send in Email or Copy Link to send the link through e-mail to your target audience.

6. After sending the link, click the Start Slide Show button. This will start the Broadcast view and will display a warning stating that you can’t make any changes in this mode. In case you want to edit, you will have to click the End Broadcast button.

broadcast slide show warning

7. Ask the viewers to open the link in their browser. They will be able to see the presentation as you navigate through it.

viewing powerpoint

Your viewers can watch the presentation in the Full Screen View. At the end, when you are done with the presentation, the viewers will get a black slide indicating that the broadcast is over.