How To Show Alexa Ranking In Firefox

Alexa rankings are one of the ways to determine where your site stands on the web. However, Firefox did not have any way to show the Alexa rankings directly in the browser. You needed to take help of the “About This Site” extension, which made it possible to see the rankings in Firefox. Another method was to make use of the toolbar for the Internet Explorer.

The Alexa Rankings

Most people do not give enough weight to the rankings Alexa shows. For many, it is just scrap with little or no meaning at all. However, it is still good enough to give you a general idea of how much traffic your web site gets. There are sites which are not ranked very high in Alexa, yet they get a good amount of page views on a daily basis.

How To Show Alexa Ranking In Firefox

How is the Alexa Rank Measured?

The Alexa rank will remain virtually incomplete without the use of the Alexa toolbar. The Alexa rank is based after taking into account how many users who use the toolbar themselves have visited your web site and how many unique pages those people viewed in a period of at least three months.  A combination of the reach as well as the number of page views is also considered while measuring the Alexa ranking.


The ‘reach’ of the site is decided by tracking the Alexa users who have visited a certain site on any given day.

Page Views

Page views are counted based on the Alexa users who request a URL for a certain site. Note that the Alexa rankings can be used only for the top domain and not for sub-domains.

The Alexa Sparky Toolbar

The Alexa Sparky is a Firefox addon that will show you the Alexa rankings for your site. When you have installed the Alexa Sparky addon, the status will show you another toolbar. This is where the information of the site is seated. It includes the Alexa Rank, the meter and the trend.

How To Show Alexa Ranking In Firefox

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If you right-click on the toolbar, you can change the contents of the display. Apart from that you also get the options of enabling what you would like to view. There are three options for this – “Trend”, “Rank” and “Related Links”.

Why Use Alexa for Your Web Site?

If you are a blogger who is looking to earn money from your blog or if you are a web site owner, you should definitely give the Alexa rankings a serious thought. You might view discussions in forums and other places, where you might read that the Alexa rankings are not important and does not do any good to your site. However, Alexa ranks are important in ad networks like Text Link Ads and AdBrite.

Higher Alexa rankings translate into higher rates for the publisher – that is you. Naturally, you will get more respect for your efforts that you have put in increasing the rankings of your web site. An easy way of boosting your Alexa ranking is downloading the toolbar and browsing your web site. The more you browse it, the higher your ranking will go.