How To Skip Through YouTube Videos with the Number Keys

YouTube is one of the widely used sites to watch the favorite videos online. There is something for everybody on YouTube. That is why the presence of the users on YouTube is always on the rise. If there is a particular action or scene in a certain video that you love to see repeatedly, then YouTube is the answer.

However, it is terrible to wait for the video to load and enjoy that interesting part, which you are waiting for so desperately. It is the hardest part – to reach the point of your interest. However, there are number keys for navigation that will make the task easier for you.

Skip Through YouTube Videos with the Number Keys

Use the Number Keyboard Shortcuts

For using this trick, you will first need to click “Play” to start playing the video. Another thing you have to confirm is that the progress bar is showing up along with the timing. To jump to a certain time, all you have to do is to hit the number key on your keyboard.

Skip Through YouTube Videos with the Number Keys

However, when using the number keys, it was observed that the numbers on the number pad was not working. So this gimmick was a failure. But this simply means that you have to use the numbers immediately above the QWERTY keys. The time will forward or backwards in the multiple of 10%. For instance, if you hit “4” you can get 40% through the video.

Skip Through YouTube Videos with the Number Keys

Getting back is even easier. All you have to do is just press “0”. You will be directed back to the start of the video. If you want to go towards the end of the video, press “8” or “9”. This will carry you, 80% or 90% of the total video time.

Adobe Flash

However, these functions will not work for everyone, or chances are you may get frustrated if you are not getting the desired results in spite of trying the tricks correctly. Chances are that your Adobe player is an older one. For the above described steps to be tested or used, you need the latest version of the Adobe Flash player installed.

When are you likely to be helpless?

These tips and tricks may interest you and you may feel like always jumping to your interesting points in the video straightaway. However, it will not be possible on each and every occasion. Some YouTube video clips run ads before starting the actual video. So this is one thing you cannot avoid – skipping the videos.

ads on youtube videos

When you know this trick, you can directly skip the portion of a video that you are not interested in. It is almost the same as you would do with Tivo or DVR. The interesting part of the story is that, these ploys work on any video that you can view through YouTube. Another point worth taking a note of is that the navigation shortcuts work on most major browsers. So no matter which browser you are using, you can use these shortcuts to save time. Just take care that you have the latest version of the browser for better performance.