How To Split Internet Explorer Into Dual-Panes

Dual Pane technology helps to significantly enhance the user’s productivity as each pane of the user interface functions as a single pane. The buttons present in the toolbar of the webpage “Toggle Active Pane” specifies the active plane or the pane that is in use.

The technology allows user to switch between the two tab sets with a single click on the respective tab. Another benefit is that the tabs being independent of each other are isolated from each other’s functional status. In case one of the tab crashes, the other will continue to process independently.

In a dual Pane interface mode, the pane that is being currently used, remains the active pane while the other is the inactive pane. You can distinguish the inactive pane with a configurable shaded color in the background. The ‘info panel’ located at the bottom of the panes, tells the user about the active pane. To activate the inactivate pane, just click on it or use the command “Toggle Active Pane”. The Tab Key in the menu can also be used to switch the panes.

Benefits of Dual-pane Interface

In case of a broader screen monitor, you can make better use of the wider screen space by using the Dual pane technology. For instance, the first pane can be used for current work while the second pane can be used to store information or data regarding your work. This way you are saved the time for repeatedly looking for data from one page to another.

Dual Pane interface also allows easy comparison of various images and files without having to reload a page repeatedly.

The technology has been further revolutionized and now it is possible to Split Internet Explorer into Dual-Panes.

How To Split Internet Explorer Into Dual-Panes

Requirements For The Process

In order to Split Internet Explorer into Dual-Panes, you require at least a NET Framework of 2.0. In case of PCs with older versions, the 2.0 framework will have to be installed for splitting the frame. For this, first install version v.1.1 over the present v.1.0. After you have uninstalled the former version of software framework, uninstall it completely to remove any past installations. Once you are sure that all the previous installations have been completely removed, install the v.2.0 version NET framework.

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After-Installation Steps

Once Internet Explorer Split has been installed, a new toolbar gets added to the existing browser. The tool bar can be condensed and accessed when needed with the help of the drop-down bar. The address bar on the drop down bar depicts the left pane when the explorer gets split.

Similarly there will be an address bar for the right pane too. If needed, you can always hide the title bar. The other advantages of this technology is that users get the option of opening more than one ‘split’ tabs at a time.

Once you have finished your work and there is no need for further dual panes, click on the cross bar at the top and exit from the Internet Explorer Split panes.