How To Spy On A Child’s Computer And Internet Use

Learning how to spy on a computer of a child is inevitable these days, as more and more unsuitable content is thronging the Internet these days. There is no doubt that children are more prone to see and learn about the negative elements such as adult videos or foul language on the World Wide Web.

As a parent, you seriously do not want your child to spoil her or his life behind these unwanted online things. Moreover, you always wish that your child should know how to use the computer as well as the Internet maturely. To fulfill this wish, you will surely want to verify her or his usage and this is where your knowledge on how to spy on a computer comes to rescue. So, are you excited to know about the different options of spying on your child’s computer? Well, here are the different ways of computer and Internet monitoring via which you come to know as to how to spy on a computer of your child.

Filter the Internet Usage Automatically

Have you heard of the parental control programs? Windows Vista comes with the built-in parental control program, while Windows XP has Content Advisor both of which allow you to block sites as per the set blacklist that includes options such as sites of gambling, nudity, violence, fear, and weapons. In case you are using other operating systems, you can download the corresponding software from the Internet.

Monitor the Activities on Computer Automatically

Using spyware software can be a great reply to how to spy on a computer of your child. Such software facilitates you to track the keystrokes, accessed programs, and visited Web sites. It will not only allow you to track, but will also permit you to block the inapt sites as well as obtain e-mail notifications for downloads and search engine activity. One of the famous computer and Internet monitoring tools is iSafe Keylogger whose main feature is its invisible mode. Due to this, your child will not be able to locate it in Task Manager, Start Menu, Taskbar, or in an Uninstall list via any cleanup or optimization tool.

You also need to monitor the e-mail address of your child. Ask your kid to give the password or tell her or him to sign up with the password given by you. Convince the child that your password is stronger to keep her or him protected on the Internet. Once you get the password, you can sign in regularly and verify that she or he is not getting into the company of wrong or unknown people.

Remain Alert Manually

By this, I mean to track the activity on the Internet daily by yourself. This is a simple reply to how to spy on a computer of your child. You need to visit the Internet history by holding CTRL and H when the browser is open to know what type of sites your child is visiting.

If you cannot do it daily, you can do so weekly when your child is not at home. While visiting the history, if you come across any unknown Web site, you can certainly click to check its content.

Another option as a common reply to how to spy on a computer of your child is to log on as an administrator and check the drives and folders such as My Documents, Desktop, and private ones where the downloaded files are stored.