How to Start Tweaking Your Android Phone with Tasker

Tasker is an Android app that allows you to make changes in the functioning of your phone as well as create automatic prompting for various tasks. Unfortunately, not many people are able to use this feature successfully because it is a slightly complicated technology.

In this article we will tell you how to make use of the Tasker for using your phone as a flashlight.

tasker android app

What is Tasker?

In simple terms, Tasker is a feature that is used for creating various “tasks”. Tasks are not to be confused with chores here. Tasks are a long set of instructions that are meant to be performed within specific conditions. They are also meant to be carried out as reaction to warranted actions.

One can buy Tasker app from Android Market. However, you will get it slightly cheaper from the website for Taskers.

How to Use Tasker?

To explain the workings of a Tasker we will perform the task of converting your phone into a flashlight.
A phone that has in-built LED camera can be turned into a flashlight or a reading light. Once you are done with the technicalities of the conversion, simply turn on the camera LED on your home screen by positioning your phone screen down.

To begin with, first install the Tasker and then touch its icon for launching the app. A default list will appear on your screen that will show you all the profiles.

list of profiles in tasker

You will have to re-set the profiles according to your requirements. When adjustments are made in the profiles only then can you create and carry out your list of tasks.

If you are using the Tasker for the first time, then touch the “New” tab to make a new profile. You will have to give it a name. In this case, let’s name it

“Upside Down LED.”

new profile name in tasker app

You will have a list popping up. You will have to select your condition from this list.

select state

Next, select “State” to receive an exhaustive list of hardware and software that are being used in your phone.

list of hardware and software

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Now choose the “Proximity Sensor” to receive your options.

Normally, a task is initiated only when the proximity sensor is activated. However, you can change this using the “invert” option.

proximity sensor

Now your tasks will be carried out when the proximity sensor is left undisturbed. However, in order to understand the Tasker, we will not check the “invert” option.

So, you will now get a Task Selection box. Now you can select from any of the tasks that you have prepared. In the case of a new user this will be empty so tap on “New Task”.

task selection box

Give this task a name like “Led On/Off”. Tap on OK after creating the task. Go to the Task Edit window to create a set of instructions to be followed along with this task.

new task name

Use the plus button. The Tasker has an in-built LED lighting system, the TeslaLED. Select this with a simple tap.

tap the plus button

Now go to Settings and under Hardware choose “Button:Camera”. Your phone cum flashlight is ready for use.

button camera

Simply use the camera button to power on or power off the camera LED when the phone is unlocked.