How To Stay on Schedule in Chrome with DayHiker

Is Google Calendar in Chrome your most preferred tool for maintaining tasks and schedules? If yes, then how about managing them right from the Chrome’s toolbar and that too without opening the Google Calendar in a new tab? Isn’t this interesting and time saving?

Above all, such a mechanism will keep you stay on your schedule by alerting you well in advance without the need to access Google Calendar in Chrome. So, let’s find out what makes Chrome offer you this beyond-the-imagination convenience.

It’s The DayHiker Extension!

The handy DayHiker extension lets you manage tasks, to-dos, and events right from the toolbar. It informs you what is coming up so that you are aware of it before time. Irrespective of whether you are a busy person with hectic schedules or just want to keep a track of a to-do list, the DayHiker extension aids you to complete these tasks efficiently. Dedicated to work with Google Calendar in Chrome, this extension checks for the tasks or schedules that you have set using Google Calendar from the toolbar.

Get The DayHiker Extension Now!

To do so, go to the DayHiker page at and add it to Chrome by clicking the ADD TO CHROME button.

installing dayhiker extension

Next, confirm your installation by clicking the Install button. In no time you will see that the extension icon is on the Chrome toolbar, which is known as the calendar icon. Now, simply click it to see what options it offers on the top of its drop-down box.

day hiker installed

Now, you can expect a tooltip with next event countdown shown by a reminder badge in color, URL alarm clock, small calendar and schedule listing, weather and shared feeds, links to Add Event and Calendar Home, access to Mobile Calendar, and Google Apps support.

day hiker extension options

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The DayHiker Extension Into Action!

Now, just click the calendar icon for viewing your Google Calendar in Chrome without actually opening it. However, it is essential for you to log onto your Google account first. You can do so by clicking the key icon if your appointments are not displayed automatically. Alternatively, you can even hover over the calendar icon to see your forthcoming events or appointments.


Did you notice a small colored square at the bottom right corner of the calendar icon? Well, that’s a reminder badge that keeps on changing colors to indicate the time remaining until your next appointment. To know which color denotes what time, right-click the calendar icon and select Options.

This will display a new tab with the extension settings. You will see that there are six badge colors that indicate the remaining time as few minutes, hour, 8 hours, a day, a week, and over a week respectively. Also note that this page lets you to change the display, style, and Google App domain.

Coming back to the drop-down box of the calendar icon, you can click an appointment for viewing its entire details and add a new one by clicking the Add link at the bottom.

add new appointment

Now, let’s see how to manage and view tasks in Google Calendar. To do so, click the double checkmark icon and you will see a pane wherein you can start adding your tasks.

adding new tasks

Notice that you can also perform some actions on them such as sort, edit, and move by clicking the Actions link. Want to set an alarm in DayHiker? You can do so by clicking the orange circle icon, entering the alarm time, and clicking the Set Alarm button. Weirdly, it will ring only if the pane is kept open.

set alarm in day hiker

So, what’s your opinion about this extension?