How To Stop All the Animations in your Google+ Stream

Using Google+ can be fun. However, at times, it is also a good reason for your irritation. How can Google+ cause irritation?  Well, it supports the animated GIF images as your status. Though it may look great, it has its downside as well. Sometimes, these GIF images can prove to be an unwanted stuff for more reasons than one.

stop animations in google plus stream

GIF Image Distractions

This GIF image can become a distraction as its ever-changing nature catches the human eye quickly. It can potentially disturb you if you are reading anything important on the same page. Technically speaking, it puts more load on the servers too, thereby, increasing the page load time. These images are especially distracting when there are many repeated faster movements. It would not look good with a huge network, if you have one, where the Google Plus Stream is flooded with GIF animations.

Tips to Stop the GIF Animations on Google+

There are some very simple tricks by which you can temporarily get rid of the nuisance created by the GIF animations. Some of the ways are mentioned below.

The Escape key (Esc)

Escape the frustration of the animation with the ‘escape’ key (Esc) which is at the top left corner of your keyboard. Simply press the key once and all the animated images on your page will stop working shortly. To reactivate them, you will have to load the web page again.

escape key

For that, refresh the page or simply press F5 key on the keyboard once. The page will load again and the images will start dancing as usual.

However, note that this trick will not work if you are using the Google Chrome. This trick suits for Mozilla Firefox,Internet Explorer and Safari.

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The Mozilla Firefox Tweak

We have already mentioned one way of stopping the animated images in Mozilla Firefox. You may not find any add-on packages, on hand, for Firefox for stopping GIF animations. However, you can use a tweak as well. Tag along the following steps for the effect.

Open a blank page in the Firefox browser. Key in “about:config” in the address bar. Under the “Preference Name” you should see “image.animation_modeType”.

mozilla firefox tweak

If you do not find it, you can manually type “animation” in “Filter” field. That will display the image.animation_mode entity.

Double-click it to change the value of the string. You should be able to see the entity as “normal”. Now, change it to “none” from the “normal”. To save your settings, click OK and close that tab.

change image animation mode entity

Now it is time to check your settings. Load the Google Plus Stream. You will realize that the images are no more animating now.

Google Chrome Extension

As mentioned above, the escape key alone may not help you stop the animation from playing. However, there is another way out for Google Chrome users.

gif stopper

There is an extension called GIF Stopper. As the name mentions, it stops all the animations in your browser windows. It is another way of using the Escape key, but only through an extension.