How To Stream Video to Both iOS and Android Devices with Plex

It is difficult to find a video streaming solution that does transcoding as well. However, finding the perfect transcoding solution for both iOS as well as Android can be a rather mind boggling experience. As of now, Plex offers the only solution to this problem. plex media manager

What is Plex Media Server?

Plex Media Server an application that has been built along the lines of XMBC. But the application is used exclusively for Mac OS X.

Plex works in two ways: as a server application and as a client application. It can be used as a server app for your desktop or as a client app for your mobile. Plex has been very popular with the users ever since it was first introduced in the market. Therefore, one can find some really wonderful plug-ins for Plex.

The popularity of Plex is due to the fact that it has been designed to provide complete support to Windows as well as Linux.

plex media manager

You can download the two versions of Plex directly from the official Plex website.
So far, Mac OS X remains the best available transcription of Plex. This version has a complete list of features that are required to support pictures, music and videos in Android and iOS devices.

Android and iOS users can stream video to their devices using Plex. Download the app from the internet. Install the application after it has been downloaded completely.

How to Install Plex on Mac OS X?

Install Plex on your Mac OS X using the installation prompts. Follow the instructions that are prompted to finish the installation process. Once the installation is complete, you will get a pop-up message regarding the same.
Search for the Plex Media Server icon in the system tray.

configure plex

Check out whether the application has been correctly installed or not and also whether it is working or not. If you see the Plex icon appears the type http://localhost:32400/manage in the URL box of your web browser.


It is on this web page that you will have to give an appropriate name to the sever. After naming the server, click the security tab.

security tab

Keep a username and password for the server. The default username will be ‘Administrator’. You can change it to suit yourself. Now when you go to the main page for Plex, you will see a login screen. Login using the details that you had set earlier.

authentication Note: You don’t have to break your head looking for solutions to Plex problems. The server has the amazing capability of finding solutions on its own.

Check the options that have been made available to Plex users; not that there are many. Once you have quickly browsed through the small list of option you will have to click on Done. You have the option of accessing Plex from your mobile device as well if you make changes in the settings of your router by adding 32400 port.

Plex Makes Life Easy for iOS and Android Users

Once the server has been configured, it will not take much time to install and setup multiple clients. Setting up Plex on iOS and Android remains more or less the same.