How To Sync Google Chrome Bookmarks with Your Android Phone

Syncing stuff has now become a vital task for making our digital life more smooth and hassle free. In fact, it has become so necessary that we cannot imagine a consistent digital life without it.

Syncing mostly takes place between two different platforms so that you can view your favorite or updated stuff from any of them. Now this syncing is also possible between the desktop PC that runs Google Chrome and cell phone that runs Google Android so that you can access your bookmarks from any of the two platforms.

Sync Google Chrome Bookmarks with android

It is obvious that you would definitely love to sync your bookmarks between your Chrome computer and Android phone if you often access these two devices. So, in this article, you will come to know how to sync Chrome bookmarks with your Android phone.

How To Sync Google Chrome Bookmarks with Your Android Phone

What Makes This Syncing Possible

Can you guess? There can be only two options: an Android app or a Chrome extension. However, in this case, it is an Android app that makes this syncing possible. It is known as Chromemarks that aims at keeping the Chrome bookmarks synced with your Android phone. Chromemarks is the only app by Android to offer local access to your bookmarks in Chrome.

Apart from bookmarks, even the folders get synced to this Android app that later syncs them with your phone’s browser. After the sync, the changes in Chrome become instantly noticeable in this app. However, this app is not free. It will cost you $2.37 approximately from the Android market. For all those who don’t want to pay, there is also a free version called ChromeMarks Lite, but its rating is less than the paid version.

Before you use this app, you will have to enable the Chrome sync feature. Doing so will sync the bookmarks with your Google account after which it becomes possible to sync them with Android.

How to Enable the Sync Feature in Chrome

To do so, open the browser on your PC. Now, in the upper left corner, select Wrench --> Options for opening the Options page.

Sync Chrome Bookmarks

On the left side, select Personal Stuff and then on the right, click the Set up sync button.

setup sync

Now, you need to enter the username and password of your Google account followed by the password of a Google application, if any.

google account

The latter prompt will only appear if you have enabled the 2-step verification process and have set up application-specific passwords.

After entering the required credentials, you will see the Customize Sync Preferences popup wherein you need to select the Bookmarks check box. Finally, click OK. The sync feature is now enabled in Chrome!

sync enabled

How to Now Sync these Bookmarks with Android

This is when you will actually put your Chromemarks app into action. To do so, you first have to download this third-party app from the Android Market and install it on your phone.

Sync bookmarks with Android

Remember, you will have to give permission to this app to connect to your Google account for syncing.

other bookmarks

Once you have installed, open the app to spot the settings and sync options. Before syncing, you can explore the different sync options by clicking settings.

type of sync

Now, click sync and you will see that the bookmarks are available in the app. All you now have to do is select the desired one to open it in your phone browser.