How To Sync Rainlendar Calendars For Free With Dropbox

Rainlendar is an application that works on Windows, OS X and Linux. It is a very simple desktop application that has calendars. These are very stylishly designed. The application Rainlendar Lite is available for free but has only one drawback.

This cannot be synchronized with different computers. But this problem can be easily solved with the help of Dropbox. It is possible to get the calendars in sync with other computers and share them. This sharing is quick and easy. It is generally done to share the calendars with co workers, friends and muiltiple computers.

Sync Rainlendar Calendars For Free With Dropbox

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How To Sync Rainlendar Calendars For Free With Dropbox

Moving the Default Calendar

Rainlendar has features that cater to the needs of the users by helping in keeping a track of their appointments, to-dos and other events. There is a default calendar present in the Rainlendar folder that must be moved in order to come in sync with other computers. It is important to make sure that Rainlendar knows the correct location of the default calendar. This needs to be done by right clicking on the Rainlendar folder and selecting the ‘options’.

rainlendar option

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Calendars Tab

In the options menu, the ‘calendars tab’ must be selected and then the default calendar that needs to be in sync must be selected out of the list. This will be the default calendar for all the other computers that are being synced with.

rainlendar options

Changing the Location of Saving the Calendar

The ‘filename’ option appearing at the bottom needs to be selected and then the location must be changed by browsing for the file. This helps to change where the file is saved.

Moving the folder to the Dropbox Folder

The default calendar will open up once the location is changed. This will help to know the location of the default calendar. The file must be copied and the Dropbox folder must be browsed so that it can be pasted there. Also, this can be saved in the Dropbox Subfolder.

Moving the folder to the Dropbox Folder

Applying the Changes

In the Rainlendar menu, the ‘monitor changes’ box that appears at the bottom, must be checked so that the calendar will automatically update the events on the desktop of all multiple users. Also, updates given by the other users will upgrade in all of them. These changes must be applied so that the application is ready for sync.

Using Dropbox

In the other computer, you must open the new calendar or the default one must be swapped. This can be shared with the various other users like co workers, friends and family, etc. This is done by sharing the calendar in the shared folder or ‘sharing a new folder with them in Dropbox’. Also, there is a public Dropbox folder which can be used to share the calendar with everyone.

Dropbox has simple procedures that help people to sync with ease and speed. If this procedure is followed in the right manner then the calendars can be shared free of cost. The calendars are still accessible and stylishly appear on the desktop.