How to Sync Specific Folders with Drop box

Do you think that syncing specific folders in drop box, the free file sharing protocol is impossible? If you have this question in your mind, then the answer is no. This article provides an insight on how to sync specific folders in drop box. The first step is to download the newer version of drop box from the drop box website.

You should select the correct version based on the operating system of your computer. After you click on download option in the drop box website, you should run the application. A setup dialog box will pop up. Itwill take a few seconds to install.

dropbox setup

Once it is installed, the set up will ask you to log onto the drop box account using your drop box username and password in case of an existing user or to create a new drop box account in case of a new user.

welcome to dropbox

Selecting Folders To Be Synced

Drop box will automatically sync all the folders in your drop box folders with all the computers in which you have installed drop box. However, you can selectively choose to sync a particular folder to be synced with your computers. Here is how it works.

selecting sync folders

First, you should right click on the drop box icon that is present in your task bar. Of the many options that appear, you should choose the option – preferences. You should then click on the advanced tab that is seen on the top of the Preferences dialog box. In the Advanced tab, you should choose the selective sync option.

selective sync button

You can choose the folders that you would like to be synced with your computer and unlink the folders which you do not want to sync. However, the unchecked folders will continue to remain within your drop box account but it may not be downloaded on to your computer.

folders to be synced

In case you have sub folders within the main folders and you wish to choose only the main folder, you should click on the switch to advanced view option present in the selective sync dialog box.

switch to advanced view

You should expand the main folders and uncheck the subfolders that you do not wish to be synced. Once you have unchecked the subfolders, you will find that the check box next to the main folder is colored in blue indicating that the folder is partially synced.

partially synced

When you are done with the changes to the preferences option, you should click on the OK button.

selective sync changes made

A confirmation dialog box will again pop up to confirm that the unchecked folders will stop syncing with your computer.

cleaning up synced folder

You should click on the OK button. Then drop box will automatically remove the folders and files that you have unchecked from syncing to your computer. After this, if you open the drop box folder in your computer, you will notice that the files and folders that you have unchecked does not show in the drop box folder anymore.

How to Sync Specific Folders with Drop box

However they will still remain in your drop box account and may be viewed from your other computers and devices in which those files and folders have been synced. If you wish to sync the unchecked folders again in your computer, you should go through the aforesaid process and check mark the folders that you would like to sync.

grey minus icon

To conclude, it is pertinent to note that drop box, which has been used by millions across the globe for sharing and sending files and folders, initially did not have the option to sync specific folders until the introduction of the drop box beta version which helps in customizing the files and folders that one can view in a particular computer.