How to Tape Live Surveillance Video

Video surveillance is used to constantly monitor the live going-ons in a particular area. The process involves installing hidden video cameras at heights from where the area can be comfortably viewed. Many times video surveillance cameras are used in high end stores to watch out for incidents like thefts and shop-lifting.

Many banks, government offices, corporate organizations and housing societies also use video surveillance cameras to look out for any untoward incidences. The video system is directly connected to a live feed monitor that is placed in the security area. The security personnel oversee the live happenings in the area through the monitor. The live feed can also be saved on video tapes or hard drives to be viewed later if required.

How To Record The Live Video Feed?

1.    Install the video cameras at strategic locations after deciding whether you want the cameras hidden or not. Hidden video cameras are small lipstick-like cameras that come connected with a hard drive. The hard drive is meant to give indemnity so that people aren’t aware that their activities are being monitored. A home VCR or a VHS tape can be used for recording the video feed.

2.    Get in touch with a local security company. After a consultation with them decide on the kind of setup that will meet your needs best. Check with them about connecting your particular video surveillance camera with the emergency services, if you think your business requires that kind of security. The linking will let you inform the security services if any unfortunate incident takes place within your establishment. This kind of linkage is mainly beneficial to high-end malls and jewelry stores.

3.    Chalk out an assessment program for checking the video surveillance. This can be scheduled at the end of each day or during the weekend. You must have dedicated employees to monitor the live video feed as well as to check the recorded footage.

Do-it-yourself Connecting Video Surveillance Camera To Recording Equipment:

You need not go to security agencies in order to get the video surveillance going for your home or for a small business unit. You can do it yourself and easily. Let us see how you can connect the video surveillance camera to a VCR.

1.    Take the first co-axial cable and connect it to the socket that reads ‘OUT’. This socket or port is located at the back of the security camera. The other end of the co-axial cable goes into the “IN” port located on the VCR.

2.    Use the second co-axial cable to establish connection between the VCR and the TV that you will use for monitoring purposes. One end of the cable goes into the “OUT” port of the VCR and the other end should be inserted in the “IN” port of the television. The “IN” port is located at the back of the TV.

3.    Turn on the power for the television and the VCR. The television monitor should be switched to station 3. This will allow the video feed to establish on the screen of the TV.

4.    Use VHS tape for recording purposes. Put the tape in the tray of the VCR and press the “record” button. The live video feed will get recorded on the VHS tape.